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Introducing: Kérastase Nutritive Collection for Dry Hair

Dry, lackluster hair is a common problem for many of us. But fear not! Kerastase has come to the rescue with its groundbreaking moisturizing hair collection: Nutritive. Packed with nourishing ingredients and years of scientific expertise, this range is here to revolutionize your hair care routine. Say goodbye to dull, brittle locks and hello to […]

5 Tips to combat seasonal hair

It is no secret that seasonal change wreaks havoc on our hair and the dry air and cooler weather causes irritations like; dry and flakey scalp, static hair and hair so dry it makes chardonay jealous. Below are the top 5 challenges you all have and how to fix them! 1. Static Why it happens: […]


It’s that time of year when our scalps and hair definitely need extra love! Both in salon and flooding our DM’s are questions looking to solve two main issues —dry scalp with flakes and dull, dry, staticky hair lacking proper hydration. We’ve curated a selection of my fave product solutions here to effortlessly transform your […]

Combat Static with The Pomme Brush + Night Serums

Static is caused by friction. When your hair is dry and the air is dry PLUS its rubbing on things like; touques, jackets, sweaters and more, it creates friction which creates static. The way to fix this is by hydrating the hair from the inside out and ensuring that you have the ENTIRETY of the […]

Fresh Affair vs Drugstore Dry Shampoo

“Fresh Affair leaves the hair feeling refreshed and clean without build-up and excess residue commonly found with many other options!” Not all dry shampoo is the same, and choosing the right one is essential for scalp and hair health! Many dry shampoos are formulated to absorb ALL the oils on your scalp which create a […]

Hair Masque vs. Everything

We have heard it all before! Use a hair masque, leave a hair masque on, you can over use a hair masque, don’t use conditioner, the list goes on, and on and on. Somewhere along the way everybody got really confused and you were all left wondering if using a hair masque was going either […]

Latest Offers

Click here for FULL Terms & Conditions on all promotions. Save 10% on one of our 5 star products when added to any pre-existing Kérastase bundles! Use codes at check-out to add on your star product of choice.  Genesis Anti-hair Fall Serum: Alwayson-Genesis Nutritive 8h Magic Night Serum: Alwayson-Nutritive Première Concentré Décalcifiant: Alwayson-Premiere Blond Absolu […]

Let’s break down Nicole’s Favourite Scalp Products!

Fall is here, and so are all the seasonal scalp issues!  Your guide to a healthy scalp, because healthy hair starts at the scalp! Let’s start with a weekly scalp scrub!  Fusio Scrub Energisant What is it:  Scrub Energisant is designed to relieve the scalp of oiliness and dandruff. Formulated with sea salt, Vitamin B6, […]

Nicole’s Cocktail Recipe Breakdown!

Nicole has crafted the best concoctions to create the perfect blowout cocktail for every hair type. No matter your hair texture, with the right products you can give yourself a salon worthy blowout at home. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Pomme Salon | Hair & Scalp Education (@pomme_salon) Thin/Fine Hair All […]

Nicole’s Gift Guide: Splurge Items!

Gifts to indulge in this season! Elchim Lightweight Hairdryer This ultra-lightweight blowdryer is made in Italy and manufactured with recyclable materials. 35% less weight in comparison to other classic dryers. Equipped with a last-generation hybrid motor for exceptional results on any hair. The ceramic infra-red heat and a million negative ions of moisture protect the […]

Nicole’s Gift Guide: The One Who Has It All

Choosing a gift for the person who seemingly has it all can be both a delightful challenge and a thoughtful opportunity. Give them the gift this year of beautiful hair, you can never have enough of the gifts Nicole has put together! ✨ 2% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Scalp & Hair Serum This serum offers a […]

Nicole’s Gift Guide: Under $100

Looking for the sweetest gifts this holiday season? You’re in luck with Pomme! We’ve created the ultimate guides overflowing with perfect presents! 🎁✨ Happy gifting! 2% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Scalp & Hair Serum This serum offers a rejuvenating and hydrating solution for your hair and scalp. It is the ultimate remedy for all hair types […]

Night Serum vs Night Serum!?

We all know and love the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Overnight Serum, we have been using it for years and it has never failed us, the scent, the results, and the versatility of the product are among the many reasons so many of us love this product! Fast forward to July 2019, and we have […]

No Gatekeeping Here! Nicole Answers Top FAQs

Nicole answers her TOP asked questions and shares her top products! @nicolepommehair Mass answering your dms! #faq #thinfinehairpresident #hairloss #scalphealth #hairtok ♬ original sound – nicolepommehair What do I do for hair loss? The best thing to do for hair loss prevention is to fortify and strengthen the hair and scalp. Genesis serum has aminexil, […]

Static Struggles

Are you struggling with static during the colder winter months? Here is WHY and WHAT you can do to avoid annoying static fly-aways. Why does static happen? (why me am I right!?)  If we think back to the old elementary science experiment, with rubbing our hair with a single balloon, what we learned was the […]

Stop Static and Frizz and Keep It That Way!

Static (check) Frizz (check) We can’t stop Canadian winters from happening but we can stop it from affecting our hair! Battling Winter hair isn’t as hard as you think! These are the things you need to do in order to bounce your way into spring.  How to manage FRIZZ! First, what causes frizz?While frizz is […]

The Down and Dirty of our Scalps

Scalp health has recently become more normalized and we want to keep it that way. It used to be this taboo topic that we ALL avoided but now, we realize we want to make sure everyone has a healthy, happy scalp no matter what the conversation entails! I think it is often forgotten that our […]

What Night Serum Is Right For You!?

There is a night serum for everybody, but which one is best for you!? Kérastase 8hr nourishing night serum What is it? This night serum has a slow release technology, which means it slowly releases moisture every two hours, over the course of eight hours! With up to 92% less breakage and 3x more hydated […]

Which BLONDE Shampoo is right for you?

Choosing the correct product Home care is essential for any hair type in order to maintain healthy scalp and hair between salon visits, but a good home care routine becomes even more important when you have blonde in your hair! Blonde comes in MANY different forms; balayage, ombre, highlights, global, dark blonde, light blonde, almost […]

Which Kérastase Gift Set is for you?

It’s that time of year once more – the Holiday trios are here, offering the most significant savings of the year on Kérastase products! Uncertain about which trio suits your needs? Allow us to assist you! Genesis Holiday Collection What is it: Haircare trio providing cleansing, treatment & protection. Designed to gently cleanse and provide […]

Which Kérastase Holiday Trio do you need?

It’s that time again, Holiday Trio’s are coming and it’s the biggest savings even from Kérastase all year! Not sure what trio is right for you? Let us help you out! Kèrastase Genesis Trio This is the perfect trio for you if you are experiencing: This duo will increase strength, and reduce breakage. It’s a […]

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