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5 Tips to combat seasonal hair


It is no secret that seasonal change wreaks havoc on our hair and the dry air and cooler weather causes irritations like; dry and flakey scalp, static hair and hair so dry it makes chardonay jealous. Below are the top 5 challenges you all have and how to fix them!

1. Static

Why it happens: Static Is when the dry hair collides with the dry air to create friction which results in static! This time of year our hair is lacking natural moisture and hydration on the inside and this is why we aer so much more prone to static!

The Fix:

Hydrate , hydrate, hydrate, and we will say it one more time for the dry ones in the back, HYDRATE! You need to deeply nourish your hair from the inside out in order to prevent static! We recommend the Kérastase 8 hour night serum. The night serum releases hydration every two hours so it keep the inside of your hair moisturized! Swap out your daily conditioner for a masque, and use that as your daily conditioner for the winter season. If you select the right masque it won’t weigh your hair down, it will simply provide your hair with the deep nourishment that it needs! We suggest the Kérastase Extentioniste masque for those who suffer from breakage as well and the Kérastase Magistral masque for those who struggle with frizz, existing dryness and lack lustre hair. Both masques (actually ALL masques) will help to prevent static because masques are extremely concentrated versions of a daily conditioner, so that means they have a LOT of the good stuff in a concentrated version! Make sure you BRUSH your hair with NON METAL brushes (you would be surprised how many brushes have metal in them), and try at all costs (i’m the WORST) to avoid touching your hair throughout the day, it can cause friction and encourage the pesky static!

HOT TIP*** If you have to use a hairspray make sure its anti static or anti humectant. Whether or not you are air drying or heat styling ALWAYS spray your primer or leave in conditioner immediately out of shower! A good go to for all hair types is our favourite Kérastase Genesis Défense Thermique!

2. Dry, Itchy, and flakey scalp

The Fix:

While there are MANY options for this issue there are a couple good tips for this seasonal annoyance! First of all you MUST treat your SCALP exactly the same as your skin, and if you don’t hydrate your skin in the winter you can almost guarantee it will become dry, flakey and itchy, and so why wouldn’t your scalp!? Add 1-3 pumps of Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil BEFORE you get in the shower, massage into your scalp and then brush with your Pommeshell brush to stimulate scalp circulation and get the vessels moving! The key is to brush your scalp daily to keep circulation moving. If you have trained your hair to wash minimal times a week I strongly suggest using the Kérastase Fresh Affair on day two or three because it has Vitamin E in the formula which will hydrate AND clean the scalp without having to wash it! Using the Kérastase Chronologiste Charcoal Exfoliate will help to eliminate dry scalp because not only does the charcoal pull of impurities and build up, the exfoliate has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in the formula which both deeply hydrate, and remember healthy scalp.= healthy hair! You simply scrub the charcoal scrub prior to shampooing, rinse and then continue with your regular shower routine! If seasonal scalp issues are common I suggest beginning the Dry Scalp Treatments early in the season to prevent dry and flakey scalp from ever occurring! These treatments will balance the scalp, prevent further issues and heal ANY existing scalp issues.

HOT TIP*** Don’t be afraid to use conditioner on your scalp!!! If you have the correct conditioner it will not make your scalp greasy! We suggest using the Kérastase Masque Hydra-Apaisant at least once a week during the winter, it will sooth and balance the scalp!

3. Dull Hair

The Fix:

The sunny warm days are long gone and our hair is left wanting more! Whether you have blonde, brunette, straight or curly, typically we all see our hair go through a dull seasonal change! EVEN if you are doing everything right and sticking to routine this is a very common seasonal hair change! Adding in one or two changes can bring even the dullest hair back to life! Our hair gets dull because it is lacking moisture, and therefore absorbing everything it can and not reflecting shine anymore. We need to add it in artificially! Kérastase Extentioniste Thermique is our favourite shine blowdry lotion. It is great for all hairtypes, and will stop any additional dryness and breakage! IT reflects the light instantly bringing hair back to life! Give your hair a good brush! This seems so simple but it is a really easy way to bring life back to your hair! We suggest rubbing your night serum or Kérastase Cicaplasme through your wet or dry hair and then brushing with your Pommeshell brush! it will activate any natural oils, create scalp circulation (which in turn creates more volume and shine) and evenly distribute your product through your hair!

HOT TIP*** Although shine sprays are not a commonly used product anymore adding this into your routine during the winter months can also help combat static! We love the Ring light spray!

4. Brittle Hair

The Fix:

Strength, nourishment and fibre restoration are all key factors to fighting brittle winter breakage! Even if your hair has felt generally healthy all year it can turn on a dime and get so breaky (a word I made up yes!) Curly hair will start to frizz and split and smooth hair can start to really expose a lot of splits! We need to seal and restore the fibre while simultaneously nourish and strengthen the cuticle! Using the Kérastase Therapiste Pre Shampoo , once a week for generally healthy hair, and two to three times a week for chemically damaged hair, will instantly restore and strengthen the fibre. It will fill in all the little gaps and holes in the hair to make it strong! Using the Kérastase Extentioniste Serum three times a week will not only promote a nice healthy scalp, it will STOP any additional breakage on hair, it will strengthen existing hair and it will promote MORE hair and thicker hair to grow out of the scalp!

HOT TIP** Do not go to sleep with wet hair! Our hair is at its most weak state when it is wet. Sleeping on wet hair will weaken the cuticle causing it to become brittle!

5. Colour Fading/ Brassiness

The Fix

This is a year round problem, but during the winter, among battling all the other elements with our hair it can cause major colour fading and brassiness! Brassy hair can happen on ANY level, brunettes will find it go more ‘orangey’ but that can be fixed with a quick at home toning session! The best thing to do is keep your hair really nourished and hydrated, when our hair is dry it will suck up ANYTHING it can for moisture including hair colour, product etc, leaving the outside of the cuticle raw and exposed! I am circling back to the night serum because It is the easiest way to amp up your hydration without breaking the bank, and altering your regular routine! If you do not typically use an at home toning system or purple/blue shampoo I suggest you integrate that into your weekly routine! I always suggest doing a purple treatment on scrub days when your hair is the cleanest and fresh! Both Kérastase Ultra Violet shampoo AND the Ultra Violet masque have purple and blue pigment inside. This means it will target both orange brass and yellow brass, making both products ideal for all hair types and colours! If you are using the shampoo, use this as your second shampoo and leave it on for a couple of extra minutes. There is no need to apply a secondary conditioner when using the ultraviolet masque because it is so hydrating on its own! It has hyaluronic acid among many amazing ingredients to ensure a nourished and shiny finish to the hair! Use this masque 1-2 times a week for optimal results!

HOT TIP*** If you find you are turning your hair greyish or purple you may not need to be using your purple products as often, or you can dilute the formula with your secondary daily shampoo or conditioner!

Remember that scalp health = hair health and caring for your scalp is just as important as the hair that we see! A healthy scalp will result in thicker hair, more volume, and natural shine you can’t create with product! Leave a review on your favourite products on the site and don’t forget to tag us in your best hair photos!!



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