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What Night Serum Is Right For You!?


There is a night serum for everybody, but which one is best for you!?

Kérastase 8hr nourishing night serum

What is it? This night serum has a slow release technology, which means it slowly releases moisture every two hours, over the course of eight hours! With up to 92% less breakage and 3x more hydated the hair is instantly replenished over night! The scent also shifts with each release of moisture to help aid in your sleep cycle! The Kérastase 8hr nourishing night serum deeply hydrates even the most dry, brittle, frizzy hair.

What does it do? The night serum will combat frizz, leaving hair soft smooth and moisturized after a night in the sheets. Working while you sleep! It will help to prevent bed head, it will keep hair smooth and soft and it will prolong your wash days! You can literally wake up and go! The serum will help to soften the cuticle to prevent unmanageable hair.

Who is it for? The Kérastase 8hr night serum is for anybody who struggles with really dry hair. Its great for ALL hair types. If you are looking to have low maintenance styling and maintain your style for multiple days this serum is for you! If you want shine, moisture and healthy looking hair and want a product that will preform well I suggest this! It is great for both virgin and coloured hair!

How do I use it? It is simple! You apply it to wet OR dry hair before bed! Hit the sheets and let it do its thing! We recommend ALWAYS sleeping with a silk or satin pillow case for the best results!

HOT TIP : Use this night serum as an air dry product to leave your hair supple, soft and frizz free, plus it keeps it hydrated throughout the whole day with the slow release technology!

Kérastase Blonde Absolu Cicanuit

What is it? The Blonde Absolu Cicanuit is the latest night serum to join the Kérastase family! Launching August 2020 this incredibly advanced technology will reduce split ends by up to 55%, make hair 89% stronger, and 74% more hydrated, ALL WHILE SLEEPING! This is the FIRST overnight hair serum to feature Hyaluronic Acid. This is one of the most hydrating ingredients for both skin and hair known in the skin and hair science!

What does it do? Cicanuit Night Serum hydrates, repairs and rejuvenates even the most chemically damaged hair. Reducing breakage, strengthening hair and deeply moisturizing all while you sleep! Targeted for highlighted, balayaged, blonded, and chemically treated hair this serum will replenish damage while you sleep!

Who is it for? Cicanuit Night Serum is ideal for anybody with chemical damage in their hair, or are looking to add strength and hydration. Split end sealing and deeply hydrating it will leave your blonde stronger, more nourished, shinier, and healthier than ever! Ideal for all hair types (fine all the way to thick!)

How do it use it? Simply apply your night serum prior to bed on wet or dry hair! We recommend using a satin or silk pillow case to always ensure the least amount of friction while sleeping! Seriously get good hair while you sleep! Its that simple!!!

HOT TIP : Use this night serum as an air dry product to leave your hair supple, soft and frizz free, plus it keeps it hydrated throughout the whole day with the slow release technology!

Select Cicanuit If:

  • You have blonde hair
  • You have chemical damage (smoothing treatment, old chemical damage, perm etc)
  • You are looking for added strength
  • You need to seal your split ends
  • You are looking to prolong your haircut!
  • You want to repair your hair!

Select 8 Hour Night Serum If:

  • You have historically dry hair
  • You are looking to repair breakage
  • You want deep hydration and moisture
  • You want to prolong wash days
  • You want to prevent bed head
  • You struggle with frizz
  • You have curly hair
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Nicole Pidherny

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