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Fresh Affair vs Drugstore Dry Shampoo


“Fresh Affair leaves the hair feeling refreshed and clean without build-up and excess residue commonly found with many other options!”

Not all dry shampoo is the same, and choosing the right one is essential for scalp and hair health! Many dry shampoos are formulated to absorb ALL the oils on your scalp which create a very unhealthy living environment for the hair. The scalp then gets confused! and begins to overproduce natural oils (or sebum) to hydrate the scalp, which in turn causes an imbalance and you will become oily very quickly.

In addition to overproduction of natural oils these heavy dry shampoos will often clog the pores of our scalp and follicle which can cause breakouts on our scalps… think about it. Our scalp is SKIN and if you were constantly clogging the pores on your face you would no doubt have a break out! The same goes for our scalps.

Dry shampoo is misused and misunderstood! It is meant to absorb the EXCESS oils and this is exactly what fresh affair does without drying out the scalp.

The formula of rice starch and vitamin E absorbs the excess oils while simultaneously hydrating the scalp and hair, to avoid over drying the hair.

Dry shampoo is an excellent tool to help prolong a shampoo, or refresh a style without the need to re wash. here are some great tips and tricks for fresh affair:


Spray Fresh Affair on your hairline (part line, temples and nape) PRE workout. This will help to absorb the oils and prevent your entire head getting to greasy!


Spray Fresh Affair throughout the hair prior to bed if you are looking to maintain your style for the next day. Spray it throughout the hair and brush through. This will help to keep your style lasting. I love to pair it with the 8H Night Serum through the lengths and ends, this will keep your hair silky and tangle free!


Oil removes oil! ( I know!) but hear me out. Apply a drop of Elixir or Huile Cica Extreme to your scalp and massage it through then brush it all throughout. THEN spray your dry shampoo to absorb the excess oils that have been brought to the surface. Then brush it all throughout your hair!

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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