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Stop Static and Frizz and Keep It That Way!


Static (check)

Frizz (check)

We can’t stop Canadian winters from happening but we can stop it from affecting our hair!

Battling Winter hair isn’t as hard as you think! These are the things you need to do in order to bounce your way into spring. 

How to manage FRIZZ!

First, what causes frizz?
While frizz is caused from internal dry hair, the outside elements are also at play. Frizz is caused from humidity in the air colliding with dry hair. The moisture grabs onto the outside of the cuticle leaving the inside rough and dry, resulting in our pesky enemy; FRIZZ. This is why it is SO important to get your roots dry when blowdrying (see our blowdry diaries video tutorials for short-med hair or long hair) doesn’t travel down the try cuticle creating frizz post blowdrying.

How can we avoid Frizz !? Here are my top THREE anti Frizz tips!

1. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

Take control of your frizz and I don’t just mean telling it who’s boss! Use a product with memory and a little bit of control and hold to help manage your frizz. I love L’Oreal Professionnel TECNI.ART – Liss Control Leave in Cream it has control and deep hydration without weighing the hair down. You need hydration with control to help combat the frizz!

2. Take Control

Remove as much excess moisture as possible prior drying using the Pomme Micro Fibre Hair Towel. Immediately prep hair with a serum post shower, wrap hair in towel and absorb as much moisture as you can! This will help to keep the cuticle closed and smooth! If you are tight on time, using a heat protecting blowdrying cream, like Kérastase Nutritive – Nectar Thermique Leave-In Treatment, blow-dry your roots (check out our blow-dry diaries for a flawless tutorial!) this will prevent moisture from the shower creating even more frizz. If you can remove moisture from the roots of your hair it will stop water from travelling down the cuticle which is what creates frizz when air drying. If you don’t have time to blow-dry, remove as much as you can with your towel and then scrunch a curl control cream such as Kérastase Discipline – Oléo-Curl Leave-In Cream into the hair this will envelop the cuticle locking in the moisture on the inside as well!

Hot tip: Pureology has a serum called Pureology Style + Protect – Shine Bright Taming Serum it has just enough hold and hydration to get rid of all the little fly aways when your hair is dry! – the BEST for those annoying little hairs that stick out when your hair is in a pony! 

3. Choose Wisely!

Choose your product wisely. Look for products that have an oil based technology to help maintain shape, control and shine! Reach for the deep conditioners The NEW Kérastase Nutritive – Oléo Relax Masque leaves the hair soft, supple and glossy from the hydration and shine injected into the hair! It gives the hair instant conditioning without weighing down the hair like traditional masques. The cuticle feels locked, sealed and smooth!

How to get rid of STATIC!

So what causes static anyway!?
Static is caused when the moisture in the air is low AND moisture in the hair is low. The KEY to battling static is to hydrate the hair on the INSIDE and the outside. Hydrating it solely from the outside may solve your static issue momentarily but trust us when we say it is no long term winter fix! 

Below are my THREE tips to a static free winter! 

1. Work from the inside out

You may not be able to control the weather but you can control what you put on your hair! Using a night serum (see our night cream blog to determine which one is best for you) will absorb deep into the cuticle and provide the moisture you need. Night creams and serums typically have a slow release technology where you will continue to receive moisture from the product for a prolonged time period.

HOT TIP: Use your night serum as a leave-in cream when your hair is wet during these dry months to lock-in moisture INSIDE the hair.

2. Dial down on the cleansing

Avoid shampooing daily. If you can cut out at least one day of cleansing it will help to keep moisture inside the hair! If you HAVE to shampoo everyday swap out your traditional shampoo and conditioner for a cleansing conditioner. This will give you the feeling of shampooing your hair without the drying effects of shampoo. The Shu Uemura Essence Absolue – Nourishing Cleansing Milk from Shu Uemura its 80% conditioner 20% shampoo, leaving your hair airy , hydrated yet clean feeling! – this is a saving grace for everyday shampooers. Use your cleansing conditioner each day between regular shampoos. NOT cleansing our hair isn’t an option so you will also want to bump up the hydration in your shampoo choices during the dry winter months, it will help prevent that annoying static! Kérastase Nutritive – Oleo Relax Shampoo released a new formula that hydrates and quenches the thirst in our hair, great for hair that is thirsty this winter!

3. Use Ionic Brushes and Ionic Hot Tools

AND if possible avoid traditional flat irons and utilize the L’Oreal Steampod for smoothing!

We use this word ‘ionic’ all the time, but what does that mean anyways? Negative Ions break up the positively charged water particles without blasting open the cuticle. This is why you want to reach for an Ionic Round Brush or an Ionic Blowdryer. Using ionic tools will help to maintain a sealed cuticle to help prevent static.

Prep hair post shower with the Micro Fibre Hair Towel, this will absorb all the excess water without opening the cuticle and creating friction! 

Hot Top: ALWAYS use heat protection prior to any heat styling. Kérastase Nutritive – Nectar Thermique Leave-In Treatment has the technology to nourish and hydrate the fibre while protecting the hair from heat!  

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