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Hair Turban

Hair Turban Helps Reduce Frizz & Split Ends

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The Pomme exclusive quick dry towel is designed to absorb water, reduce frizz quickly, and split ends. The microfibers keep the cuticle smooth, help to reduce dry time by 50%, and provide a smooth, shiny result! Great for ALL hair types!

How to use

  • Spray or apply desired leave-in products 
  • Flip the head upside down and put the widest part of the towel (it has the button on it) at the nape of the neck 
  • Twist the remaining part of the towel around your hair (if you have short hair simps twist up the towel) 
  • Secure at the nape with the button and elastic! 
  • Let hair absorb all excess water, unwrap and go! 

Washing instructions: 

  • Wash in cold water
  • Lay flat and air dry

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