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The Blow Dry Diaries – Medium to Short Hair Edition


Aside from heckling Karli the entire time, I get right into how to achieve the perfect blow dry! Karli did a great job and she even earned some claps from me when she tries it for herself!

You can apply all these tips to any length of hair but in this video we are focusing on short-medium length hair!

Kick off your blow dry with the Pomme Micro Fibre Towel to absorb extra moisture to avoid excess water and drying time!

Prep with the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue All-In-Oil Hair Milk to create a good base and primer for your hair. Then select your favourite blow dry cream, for Karli we are using L’Oreal Professionnel TECNI.ART – Liss Control Leave in Cream to control her natural curl and create a long lasting blow dry. It’s really important to select the correct product for your blowout to ensure a predictable end result!

We are trained to use so little, and yes a little bit goes a long way but you need enough to see the effects of the product perform in the hair!

  1. ALWAYS blow dry the front of the hairline prior to anything else
  2. Blow dry everything forward 
  3. Pull, lock and twist the brush
  4. Use your Small Round Brush to pull out the extra tight little curls all around your face! 
  5. Using your brush blow dry it all forward! 
  7. Twist your brush until it gets taught.. Then pull through and continue to do so until you can spin your brush through the entire section! 
  8. Using your cool shot at the end of your blow dry set your cuticle and blowout into place! 
  9. Finish off with the L’Oreal Professional Ring Light Spray!
Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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