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The Blow Dry Diaries – Long Hair Round Brush Edition


It is here. I am going to answer all your burning blow dry questions  (or at least try to!!) 

You dm’d me, messaged me, sat in my chair, shared over wine, you name it and i’ve heard your blowout challenges! And let me be the first to tell you. This sh*t isn’t easy! BUT we’ve made it easier, and with the proper products, tools and information you will be BLOWOUT MASTERS before you know it!

1. Set yourself up for success
If you don’t use the right product you can bet your blow dry won’t be nearly as successful, or EASY.  So PREP your hair! I suggest using Kerastase L’Incroyable blowdry cream (medium – thick) or L’Oreal Professionel Liss Control (fine-medium) . Both of these products have  memory holding technology that will help to maintain a long lasting blowout, they will help to smooth and soften the cuticle making it easier to round brush. They will leave your hair soft smooth and voluminous without feeling like there is product in there!  (use the size of about 2 m&m’s!) 

2. Absorb all your water (and problems) prior to blowdrying
Never EVER start your blowout from soaking wet unless you want to be drying your hair for literally ever. Using the Pommeshell Microfibre Towel prep your hair with your preferred primer, we suggest using the Shu Uemura All in Oil Detangling Milk. It is weightless and will instantly detangle hair, it is great for all hair types and is light enough to layer with any other blowout product!  Once hair is prepped wrap hair in microfibre towel for a few minutes to absorb up to 50% of water that your hair does not need! You want your hair to be about 80% dry before beginning your blow out (notice how we always spend time removing excess water and prepping the hair prior to blow drying!? ) 

2.5 **  IF YOU HAVE A FRINGE: BLOW DRY FIRST PRIOR TO NEXT STEP!  Using your round brush over direct hair in opposite direct and continue until hair is dry. 

3. Give yourself the volume you deserve
Don’t go into the blowdry all willy nilly and DO NOT start using your round brushes right away.  You know that little black thing we all throw out on our blow dryers.. .Well you actually need that! It’s called a concentrator and it helps to direct all the air in ONE neat and tidy direction. Think of it like this: Your blowout will end up exactly how you prep it. If you prep it neat and tidy. It will end up neat and tidy!  Picking up your hair in little sections (it doesn’t have to be perfect just tidy) and use your concentrator to blow dry all the moisture out of the root, this is going to create natural volume.

HOT TIP**** if you are ever going to air dry, absorb as much water and moisture from your root as possible, excess moisture that moves down the hair shaft is what creates that sweet ring of fuzz we all love.  

4. You can start your blowdry now 
You have successfully prepared your hair and set yourself up for success! It is now time to use your trusty round brushes!  If you have hair medium length or long you probably want to use the Pomme Medium Size Round Brush. If you have really tight annoying fuzz around your hair line you will want to ALSO use the Pomme Small Size Round Brush to pull those fuzzies out. This part is actually easy! You are going to split your hair from ear to ear (clip the back out of the way) and then you are going to split each section in half. Using your round brush over direct your hair FORWARD and slowly rotate your wrist. Do not aggressively turn your round brush, this is what will cause tangling! If you feel tension stop rotating and simply pull your hair the rest of the way through, repeat this until you can easily rotate your brush the entire way through. Brush hair down and let naturally fall. The over direction will give you volume as well as help to pull out any fuzz or kinks. It will also make it easier for you to manage. (once you get the hang of it we will teach you how to do it exactly like us!) 

5. Repeat on both sides 

6. In the back split hair like a hamburger or beyond burger…
It’s your choice and no judgement! and then split the bottom (closet to neck)  section like a hot dog( or veggie dog) and pull each section towards your face. NOTE* if you have hair that is to short, stay tuned for short hair tutorial. 

7. Do not split the rest of your hair
This will be one big section (you don’t want to create splits in the hair). 

8. Over direct your last section to both sides to create natural volume. 

And just like you you have completed your very first round brush blow dry! 

Here are a few extra things to note: 

  • I would recommend using a mousse or volumizer as well but if you don’t love a product it isn’t necessary but it will help keep the shape! Apply at the same step as your blow dry cream and apply AFTER your blow dry cream 
  • A good way to determine if your hair is 100% dry. If it feels cold to the touch there is still moisture in it! Run your blow dryer with concentrator pointed DOWN the cuticle to get any remaining moisture out! – this could be the difference between your hair lasting a day or 4 days! 
  • Finish with a light hair spray or texture spray! 
  • DO NOT spin your brush to much this is what will cause tangles. Just because the brush is round does not mean you have to spin it! – it will spin on its own when the hair is dry enough to get through! 
  • The round brushes we use are ceramic and will help reduce frizz and cut down on blowdry time! 
  • Spending a little more time with your blow dry will help reduce the use of harmful hot tools! 
  • INVEST IN A GOOD BLOW DRYER. It will save you so much time and damage on your hair, and in my opinion both of those things are priceless! 

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