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Which BLONDE Shampoo is right for you?


Choosing the correct product

Home care is essential for any hair type in order to maintain healthy scalp and hair between salon visits, but a good home care routine becomes even more important when you have blonde in your hair! Blonde comes in MANY different forms; balayage, ombre, highlights, global, dark blonde, light blonde, almost blonde or bronde ! No matter how much or how little you have there is a blonde routine for you! Wether you are sprinkling in the correct blonde products with the rest of your routine or you are focusing all in on blonde care it can be very overwhelming to know WHAT blonde product is right for you. We have THREE different ranges that we focus on for home care and I am going to break them down for you to help you determine what you need in order to live your best blonde life. You can intermix between lines, or stick to one full range, to achieve all your blonde needs.

Shu Uemura yūbi blonde

This is a brand new range! HELLOOOO! We are so excited to have this range added to our line up of powerhouse blonde home care. Shu Uemura has never had a full range dedicated solely to blonde care, and of course it is nothing short of incredible. Just like the rest of their products the luxurious scent is reason to purchase at least one thing from this line if nothing else! Notes of white peony engulf your shower and beyond the incredible scent the sustainably sourced white peony brings intense moisture and shine without weighing your hair down. The line is made up of four products to reveal your most beautiful blonde.

Glow Revealing Shampoo

This high gloss shampoo is infused with the hero ingredient white peony and leaves the hair incredibly soft and shiny. I tested this shampoo out and my hair was SO soft and shiny after, and it did not leave my fine hair feeling heavy! If you find your hair is feeling dull and drab I would suggest adding this to your routine for an instant rejuvenation!

Anti-brass Purple Shampoo

This anti-brass shampoo works slightly different that other purple shampoos we carry. Both the yūbi blonde shampoo and masque actually penetrate the anti-brass formula INTO the cuticle to combat brass from the inside out. Traditionally purple shampoos and masques sit on top of the cuticle and rinse off with the next 1-3 washes. The anti-brass shampoo has much longer last results.

If you really struggle with orangey or yellow tones and feel you are constantly battling with them I would suggest this line!

Full Replenishing Conditioner

A lightweight replenishing conditioner infused with white peony. This is a really lovely light daily conditioner. If you are looking for a conditioner that won’t weigh your blonde down this is a great option for you!

Anti-brass Purple Balm

This is my personal favourite! I was so impressed by the results of this masque, I honestly couldn’t believe how well it toned my hair without leaving any sort of blue or purple cast! This is an intense toning conditioner enriched with white peony and Japanese purple pigment to penetrate deep inside the cuticle to give long last results to your toning needs. This is an AMAZING masque if you have that in between blonde, and you are constantly struggling with orange undertones. If you are really blonde and find you are constantly going yellow this masque will help to keep the longevity of your salon toner! The consistency is really nice and thick which I love, yet it didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy! This is a new staple in my shower.

Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme

This line was recently launched to reverse bleach damage and bring your brittle over processed blonde back to life! This line is made up of THREE incredible products designed to repair your hair from the inside out. If you are blonde, you should have at least one product from this line! Each product is enriched with a combination of low and high weight molecules to deeply penetrate and hydrate the hair while plumping the hair and adding strength!

Le Bain Cicaextreme

This is the first ever shampoo-in-cream. I will start by saying this is the absolute best post blonding shampoo I have ever used..ever! The fact that it starts out as a cream doesn’t upset the cuticle of the hair. It has 40x more nutritive lipids and leaves the hair 2x shinier! The hair is 65% softer and 51% more hydrated leaving the hair 87% stronger. Basically if you have any sort of lightning damage you will notice significantly more repaired hair within just a few shampoos (my clients are proof!) The shampoo itself is SO sudsy and leaves the hair feeling so incredibly clean and soft even before adding conditioner! If you were to try any product in this line I suggest this one!

Masque Cicaextreme

This deeply restorative masque recovers any moisture lost in the lightning process, leaving the hair 85% more hydrated and reverse bleach damage by 14% after the first use. Hair is 94% stronger, 34% shinier and 34% stronger! Basically this masque will ‘save’ your sensitized blonde. I suggest using it on scrub day!

Huile Cicaextreme

This is not just a regular oil! I will be honest, when I heard that ANOTHER oil was being launched I was hesitant, because, how many oils do we need!? BUT of course I was once again proven wrong, this isn’t just an oil! The Huile cicaextreme strengthens and protects the hair. The oil instantly seals raised cuticle (spoiler alert: anybody with blonde or uses a heat tool probably has raised cuticle! ) It dramatically reduces split ends, and deeply nourishes deep into the fibre. The oil can be used on wet or dry hair and has heat protection up to 450 degrees! Bascially its a miracle oil that we all need! I love love love using mine as a pre shampoo oil with the scalp massager and then to refresh my day two hair. In the salon I use it on almost every single client to give the seal of shine and health at the end of the blowout or curling my clients’ hair!

Kérastase Blonde Absolu

The Kérastase Blonde Absolu range is our OG blonde colour care line. This range is made up of SIX different products that will take you from the shower to sleeping. This range has two shampoos, a daily conditioner, toning masque, blonde protective cream and a night serum (Best seller!) Each of these products are designed to leave your blonde protected, shiny and healthier!

Blond Absolu – Bain Lumiére Shampoo

This is the glossing shampoo from this range, designed to target the sensitized areas of the hair and seal the cuticle, plump and fill in any ‘holes’ that lightning hair has created. This is a really great shampoo if you have highlights with lowlights or ombre where you only have parts of your hair lightened, because it will only target the sensitive areas without weighing the rest of the hair down. It leaves the hair super shiny and helps to soften thick, coarse hair. I do find this shampoo can be a little bit heavy for fine hair but it is AH-MAZING for thicker hair!

Blond Absolu – Bain Ultra Violet

This is our Kérastase toning shampoo, and let me tell you from experience it works amazing! We often thing the shampoo or masque that is toning has to be ULTRA pigmented but what can end up happening is that it simply stains the hair. Ultra Violet does not do this! It is enriched with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate which is not something you typically get in a purple shampoo. In addition to actually hydrating your hair Ultra Violet is actually made up of both yellow AND blue pigment, so it will target yellow and orange tones. What does this mean? It means that brunettes who dislike brass can benefit from this shampoo as well! We always recommend using this as a treatment shampoo, so its important to get a ‘daily’ shampoo to use regularly. We suggest the Yūbi Blonde Glow Revealing Shampoo or Blond Absolu Le Bain Cicaextreme in conjunction with the ultra violet.

Blond Absolu – Cicaflash Fondant Conditioner

This daily conditioner is not just for blondes, it deeply nourishes dry hair and instantly replenishes the cuticle! It is not pigmented and is great for ALL hair types. I find that I can use it no problem without getting my hair weighed down, but my clients with thick hair get enough nourishment out of it! Cicaflash leaves the hair ultra shiny and seals the cuticle making your blonde look smoother, shinier and more plump!

Blond Absolu – Masque Ultra Violet

This was a game changer for me. This masque has both blue and purple pigment PLUS hyaluronic acid so it hydrates while toning. What does this mean? You don’t have to conditioner after, it does everything in one! I love to use this with my scrub because my hair is the most clean and I get the best tone! This masque is not meant to be used daily because it is quite pigmented it will leave a cast on the hair if you use it to much! I find the sweet spot is about once a week to maintain my blonde.

Blond Absolu – Cicaplasm Leave-In Treatment

This product can be a little bit confusing, but its secretly your best blonde friend! This product is a cream, that can be used on wet hair (it has heat protection) or dry hair. It plumps the hair and creates a protective barrier around the hair to shield it from outside aggressors, meaning it helps to prevent your blonde from getting dull! On top of being a super hero for your blonde it has UV protection, so you can summer hard without worrying about brassing your blonde in the sun. It leaves the hair shiny, cuticle sealed and its SUPER lightweight so you can cocktail it with any of your other favourite products!

Hot Tip** Put this one on after you curl or wave your hair for juicy, shiny waves that are protected or prep it before heat styling, basically use it whenever you want! This is the forgotten hero product in my opinion!

Blond Absolu – Cicanuit Night Serum

If you haven’t added a night serum to your routine yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Don’t be afraid of greasy or oily hair. The night serum penetrates deep into the hair so there is no greasy risk! The cicanuit reverses damage up to 87% and seals and repairs the cuticle from the inside out! Say goodbye to bedhead, split ends and bad hair in general. If you were to every introduce any new product I would say get a night serum, and if you have any sort of chemical damage, get this one! Over time you will notice your hair is more manageable, less frizzy, less dry and over all more plump and healtheir! Apply 1-3 pumps nightly and brush through with the Pomme brush or scrunch it into your wet hair!

Hot Tip** Although it can seem overwhelming to choose a product you simply need to decide what your MAIN concern is, and select the range or product that provides the solution to your problem! Remember you can mix and match and use products from every range to create a custom home care line for you! Being a blonde doesn’t have to be high maintenance if you stick to your routine and create a home care system that fits your needs! However, you cannot expect your blonde to stay blonde if you do not use the correct homecare, and this can create problems for in-salon maintenance if there is build-up from improper shampoos and products being used.


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