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Grey Hair How To Guide: Home Care & What To Ask Your Stylist


Whether you decide to embrace it all fully, blend it in naturally or cover it up completely we are here to ensure you feel great about your hair every step of the way. Combining the right home care products and in salon guidance from your stylist, you can rock any look with radiant hair and confidence!

No MATTER where your current acceptance lies with your hair colour, you have options! We share our most loved options we support clients through in salon and listen in at the end with our Pomme Kelowna stylist and all things grey hair care and blending expert, Menoukia shares her knowledge with what options you have to talk to your stylist about and proper home care!

Blend and Snap

  1. Highlights or teasy lights:
    Introducing a highlight or a teasy lights that goes close to the roots, will distract the eye from the greys. The highlighted hair next to the grey is a less obvious contrast to a traditional solid tone. 
  2. Root Touch-Up Spray:
    This is the most temporary solution, however in a pinch, root touch-up sprays can do the trick to cover up obvious greys between regrowth appointments. This product is ideal for clients who may not be able to get in for their appointment but want the ability to improvise from home. L’Oreal Professionnel Root Touch up uses high end makeup pigment that matches seamlessly with our professional colour line.  Buyer beware of the generic or drugstore brand, they will often use cheap makeup powders that transfer onto clothing, bleed into the skin and cause a matte dull finish to the hair! 

    *HOT TIP* When you are visiting your stylist ensure ALL hair make-up, and root touch ups are rinsed off the hair as they will inhibit the actual colour from covering your greys!
  3. Lowlights:
    Say you have taken the liberty to grow out your natural greys but some areas are a lot whiter than others. Perhaps you’re feeling like the location of your greys isn’t ideal. You can ask your stylist to break this up by colour matching a lowlight. This technique will distract the eye, blending out your greys. 
  4. Our personal Pomme Favourite: Adopted as the term ‘the Mel method’ – Switching from permanent coverage to a Demi:
    (What the heck’s the difference?) Permanent colour will give full coverage with a distinct regrowth line, and you typically get to come visit us every 3-5 weeks depending on the speed of your growth. Demi permanent will cover grey with a more translucent blend, if you don’t mind seeing a soft blend of greys this is an excellent option that required much less maintenance and looks beautifully natural. This method is our suggested approach to begin the transition into growing out your natural grey hair!

*NICOLE’S TIP* If you are new to highlighting, seek out your stylists professional opinion for the BEST tonal option to enhance your skin tone, blend the greys and compliment your hair tone!

Owning it 

  1. Invest in a trendy haircut:
    So you’re owning it! Amazing! BUT you may still feel like you want your hair to express your personality! What better way than investing in a trendy cut that excites you! Following stylists (via social media for example) for inspiration may help you find a cut that will help you love your natural hair even more.  
  2. Treat your hair like a queen! 
    Grey hair is an entirely different texture than pigmented hair, it lacks density, moisture and shine, so invest your beauty budget on grey appropriate home care to  ensure the absolutely healthiest natural hue! We suggest Using either the Blonde Absolu range from Kérastase and specifically the Blond Absolu Cicaextreme as it is extra nourishing for the hair OR the Chroma Absolu colour protecting line from Kerastase! The entire Blond Absolu range contains hyaluronic acid technology that will plump the hair, add hydration and leave you with healthy feeling and looking hair while Chroma Abosolu will deeply nourish and protect any colour on the hair.
  3. Patience and acceptance:
    If you are deciding to grow OUT your coloured hair, know that this will be a patience game. You can apply one or more of these above options to help ease the transition. Celebrate the change of your hair and know that you are beautiful from the inside out, we are here to help make you feel amazing on the outside so you can feel really amazing on the inside! 
  4. Bye bye to brass!
    Have you ever seen grey hair with a yellow(ish) hue!? That is caused by mineral build of from your water, hot tools, or incorrect home care products! Treat your hair with a weekly scalp scrub or cleansing shampoo like the L’Oréal Professional Metal Detox to remove excess mineral build up. Including a pigmented shampoo/mask into your routine to counteract the brass is also very important to maintaining your preferred tone, great options include the L’Oréal Professional Silver Anti-Brass Shampoo and the Blond Absolu Masque Ultra-Violet.
  5. Protect from the heat!
    Listen below to stylist Menoukia explain all the reasons you need to protect your hair from the heat, yes even those greys! Especially when blending colour in and toning your greys to a desired look, a heat protectant is so so important to keep long lasting results! We love the Kérastase Chroma Absolu Sérum Thermique!

Our job as stylists is to create looks that work for you and your lifestyle, we are here to support and help with whatever decision you make when it comes to loving your greys!

Taking the highlight to the root to distract the eye!
Allowing your greys to shine through, rocking it and still adding in some balayage pieces!

Watch Pomme Kelowna stylist Menoukia share her expertise in what options you have in salon!

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

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