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Static Struggles


Struggling with static during the colder winter months? Here is WHY and WHAT you can do to avoid annoying static fly-aways.

Why does static happen? (why me am i right!?) 

If we think back to the old elementary science experiment, with rubbing our hair with a single balloon, what we learned was the effects of positive and negatively charged atoms. When there is an adequate amount of moisture in the air we may not be affected at all.

However, in the colder winter months, where moisture and temperature levels take a dip, our hair strands suffer. Since the external environment, AND our internal hair strands, all lack humidity, the charges within each hair strand begin to repel one another. 

Things such as running our heat indoors, and constant changes in temperature also have an affect on drying out things such as our finger cuticles, hair, and skin. Which is why we are going to provide some tips on keeping your hair healthy and hydrated heading into winter! 

  1. Microfiber Towel: When our hair is wet it is the MOST vulnerable to damage. Using a microfiber towel is gentle on the hair, avoids friction, and is the perfect amount of absorption post-shower.  This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to keep your hair healthy this winter!  Check out our Pommeshell Hair Turban
  2. Upgrade your blow dryer: The Ionic Ceramic Elchim Blow Dryer produces negatively charged ions to dry the hair faster, and with less frizz. If upgrading is not in the budget you can always switch up how you use your existing blow dryer! Make sure you have on your concentrator (that nozzle thing that your blow dryer likely came with). This, in combination with a blow dry cream such as TECNI.ART – Liss Control Leave in Cream or the Kérastase Couture Styling – L’Incroyable Blow Dry Heat Protector Cream will help your hairs’ cuticle remain smooth, and prevent the hair from drying out. 
  3. Invest in a night cream: The same way skin-care experts recommend the skin be hydrated at night with moisturizers, night creams function the same to nourish the hair overnight! Shu Umera Night Serum and Kerastase Nutritive Night Serum
  4. Fabric Swap: Acrylics and rough cotton hats, scarfs, pillowcases, touques, can all increase friction and worsen static issues. Consider reducing use of these fabrics during colder months, or swap them out for smoother fabrics. Have you tried sleeping with a silk pillowcase? Silk pillowcases are also very gentle on the skin and lashes. 
  5. On-the-run Serum/oil: When the weather forces you to bundle and unbundle on repeat throughout the day, sudden onset static is bound to hit. Have a quick fix at your convenience by keeping a serum or hair oil in your bag and re-applying throughout the day. 
  6. Hydrate :  Drinking your 8 glasses a day will keep you hydrated from the inside out! 
  7. See your stylist : There is a point where masques, conditioners or  home remedies just won’t cut it! Book a visit to your styilst and invest into an in salon Kerastase Fusio treatment. These treatments work from the INSIDE out and are customized specific to the hair, so if you are struggling with static this will instantly cure that!

Book an in-salon Kerastase Fusio Treatment now!

Daneka McFetridge

Daneka McFetridge


I am okanagan raised, in my mid twenties, enjoying life’s adventures. My work fulfills my love of working in a team, serving others, in a creative and challenging way. Both fitness (spin, bootcamp, barre, yoga), and getting into nature, fuel my soul. When I’m not creating, collaborating, or educating myself OR clients, you can find me hanging with my dog, cooking up a storm, exploring the world, participating in community events, or laughing with family and friends. Balance is my mantra, and I love trying new things ✌🏽

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