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Nicole answers your TOP 5 FAQ’S about Chroma Absolu!


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the new Chroma Absolu line from Kérastase. Nicole has answered the top five below, plus a few bonus questions! Questions you have still unanswered? Comment below and Nicole will answer!

What is the difference between the two Chroma Absolu shampoos?

Bain Chroma Respect

For Fine-Medium Hair

A gentle hydrating protective shampoo for all types of sensitized or damaged color treated hair, highly hydrating formula cares for hair while respecting and preserving hair color. Sulfates-free.

Bain Riche Chroma Respect

Medium-Thick Hair

A rich nourishing protective shampoo for all types of sensitized or damaged color treated hair. Highly nourishing formula cares for hair while respecting and preserving hair color. Sulfates-free. Designed for medium to thicker hair types. 

What are the main ingredients? 

Amino Acid: Penetrates to the cortex. Rebuilds hair from inside out.

Lactic Acid:
 Gently exfoliates and seals the surface. It reduces frizz and boosts shine. It’s known for its chelating properties, it can “trap” dulling minerals (such as calcium) that can compromise hair shine.

Tartaric Acid:
 Reduces oxidative stress and shields against external damage. This acid is a pro-deposition active: it boosts the ability of caring actives to deposit at the surface of the fiber for increased softness with shine.

Centella Asiatica: Millenary regenerative plant known for its treating recovery properties.

Can you use the line if you don’t have coloured hair?

Absolutely!! The line is not only to preserve colour but also to reduce frizz, restore strength and add shine!!

What does Chroma Absolu smell like?

It’s a very bright, floral scent mellowed out with earthy notes. See the full scent breakdown below:

How Kérastase describes the scent of Chroma Absolu:

Created by French perfumers Dominique Hazael-Massieux and Isabelle Abram, the Chroma Absolu fragrance features neroli as its hero note. It creates an intense, 72-hour halo of florals grounded in earthy wood and musk – a sophisticated signature scent that matches the vibrance and freedom of expressive hair color.

Is it good for chemical blondes?

Yes, it is good for chemical blondes. However, if you have chemically damaged blonde hair, then you’re absolutely going to want to be using Kerastase Cicaextreme first then switching to Chroma Absolu. You want to first reverse the bleach damage which is what Cicaextreme was designed to target. A combo of both is the ideal routine with adding in products like the Chroma gloss, adding extra nourishment, shine and when our hair is chemically processed it tends to tangle easily. Chroma Absolu gloss will help reduce this as it hydrates the hair. First step, start with Blond Absolu Cicaextreme, add in products like the Chroma gloss, Chroma Absolu Thermique along with a leave in from the Blond Absolu line and you’re hair will feel transformed!

How does the Sérum Chroma Absolu Thermique compare to Genesis – Défense Thermique?

The leave-in spray from Chroma Absolu has detangling power like nothing else I’ve ever seen before. It makes the hair shiny and has heat protection. You can layer this with any other product that you have, or use it on its own. I’ve tried it both ways and I absolutely love it. You know I was a ride or die Genesis gal like through and through, okay. But I love this as well. I don’t know which one I like better. I’m so conflicted. The scent is very light. It’s a little bit more floral forward than Genesis. Chroma Absolu Thermique is going to protect your colour, protect your fiber, it’s going in, it’s resurfacing it from the inside out.

For more on this, see our blog post dedicated to comparing the two :


Will Chroma Absolu help for postpartum hair loss?

This is not a postpartum hair loss line, for that focus you need Genesis! If you are a postpartum woman and losing hair, but you colour your hair, which one do you get? You combine! You create your own system. You’re starting with what is the most important on the hair, your main concern first and then we work from there. If your main concern is postpartum hair fall then we would primarily be using Genesis in combination with the Chroma gloss treatment and the Chroma Absolu Thermique for the colour protection.

Does Chroma Absolu have products for curly hair types?

Often curly hair is a little bit more dry, just naturally. So depending where you feel you need nourishment, you’re going to choose between these two shampoos in the Chroma Absolu line. The great thing is that it’s sulfate silicone free, then you’re going to want to use the mask and the Chroma gloss. This line is definitely made for all hair types, that’s why it’s such a wide range, you can customize it specifically for your hair type, which is fantastic! It’s really great to see and really nice that we’re looking at the larger picture when it comes to all the different hair textures now.

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

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