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Nicole’s Favourite Combos


Get your FREE Home Fragrance with one of Nicole’s favourite combos!

The Scalp Rebalance Combo:

Thoroughly cleanse and rebalance your scalp with three of my top favourites from the Specifique line! Your winter scalp will feel refreshed and ready for those beachy hair days coming soon!

The Blonde Boost Combo:

Nourish your highlighted hair with the best products for giving that extra boost especially during these drier winter months. Add in the Cicaplasme as your daily leave in to protect hair during heat styling or use as an overnight serum!

The Anti-Fall/Post-Partum Combo

Reduce breakage and excess hair fall with Genesis! From hair brushing to heat styling and post-partum hair loss, Genesis is designed to repair and strengthen the hair. Genesis Serum provides further support directly on the scalp and hair follicle, creating a healthy environment for hair to keep growing strong!

The Chroma Absolu Combo:

Protect your colour with Chroma Absolu! Designed to protect and care for hair fighting colour-induced damage, frizz and breakage. Chroma Absolu will replenish shine and keep your colour healthy and long lasting!

The Prep and Style Combo:

Have your ‘in shower’ routine sorted? Ensure you are continuing your hair care with great leave in and styling products as well! Defense Thermique is a FAVE leave in supporting strengthening of the hair, reducing breakage and you can use to air dry or protect during heat styling! Freshen up your style and lengthen time between washes with Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo and add in the 8hr Night Serum to support and restore your hair’s nutrition levels!

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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