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Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo – 150ml

Refresh Oily Hair Between Shampoos - Fragrant Dry Shampoo - Long Lasting - No Buildup

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  • The 1st fine fragrance dry shampoo
  • Instant grease absorption
  • 3 days feeling fresh (prolong your wash schedule!)
  • 48hr long-lasting fragrance, with a sparkling neroli scent
  • Instant sebum and product absorption on scalp and hair
  • No buildup, airy roots
  • Reapply as often as you wish(will not dry your hair out and will not clog scalp pores)
  • Made up of Rice Starch and Vitamin E this dry shampoo will not only safely absorb excess oils it will HYDRATE your hair and scalp!

    • Shake well before each use.
    • Hold 20 cm from your head. Spray on your roots.
    • Flip hair and brush gently to remove any excess residue.
    • Use Before excessive sweating to help absorb oil as you sweat! 
    • Re-apply as often as you like! 
  • Rice Starch (Absorbs All Product And Oil), Refreshes Scalp & Hair Vitamin E (Prevents The Hair & Scalp From Drying Out, Keeping Hair & Scalp Healthy) Glossy Neroli is an Irresistible, Fresh Fragrance.

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