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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment: What is it and why is it so good?!


Since the exit of the infamous Brazilian Blowout incident in Canada (errr if you know you know!) we have been searching for a safe alternative that WORKS for years! We have tried many many different smoothing services and none of them ever quite compared to the chemical driven Brazilian blowout. That is, until I Tried Cezanne! 

We have been testing Cezanne on all variations of hair types since November and I am very happy with the results we have experienced !  Below you will not only find MY pro’s and cons regarding the treatment but from those who actually receive the treatment and have been living with it, got a re-touch and living with it some more! But FIRST I want to educate you a little bit about Cezanne and what a smoothing treatment IS! 

Cezanne is a frizz fighting smoothing treatment designed to leave the hair soft, silky and manageable. It tames unruly and hard to manage curls without completely loosing them, and cuts blow-dry time down by anywhere from 30-50%!. 

Cezanne does not contain any harmful chemicals, in fact we aren’t even required to wear gloves while applying it! Unlike other straightening treatments Cezanne won’t completely straighten your hair loosing all your volume and movement, but more smooth and soften! Made up of products like Keratin B, Vitamins, Botanicals, and Sericin (um… yesss this is a component of SILK, hence why the hair literally feels like silk post treatment!!!) 

Below are my top PRO’s to Cezanne 

Nicole’s Pro’s 

  • Doesn’t contain harmful ingredients (it is so gentle on the hair and recommended for damaged hair because it helps to soften and repair) 
  • The shine is insane, I am not joking it leaves the hair so soft and shiny 
  • The blowdry time is cut in HALF or more. It smooths down even the fuzziest of fuzzy hair, making everybody (selfishly including me as a stylist) life easier! 
  • Girls with curls do not LOSE their curls, it simply makes it possible to air dry and actually wear curly (yassss, and for more curly girl tips check out our curly girl blog)
  • Quick and painless. Super easy application makes it a service that clients can get behind. You are not committed to an extended amount of extra hours in the salon
  • It can be used on processed hair. A Lot of smoothing treatments cannot be used on highlighted hair because the chemicals are so harsh it would damage the hair further , but Cezanne actually softens and hydrates the hair! 
  • Combats the annoying ‘fly away’ and ‘baby fuzz’ – makes it possible for ANYBODY to air dry their hair! 

Nicole’s Con’s 

  • It can feel like there is a product in the hair when you initially have it done, but only until the 1st shampoo, then it is sooo good!! 
  • Clients have complained the scent of their hair is altered slightly when showering 
  • Since the outside of the hair is getting so hydrated, initially the hair can be slightly stat-icy, but its nothing a fusio dose or night cream cannot combat, and I have really only seen this on clients who start out with very dry damaged hair. 

What the Pommeshell’s have to say: 

Karli Dalton

This is Karli’s hair air dried….. yes I repeat – AIR DRIED!!!!!!!! WOW!

Air drying my frizzy wavy hair was never an option, ESPECIALLY not an option when on Vacation. Each year my family and I travel to Hawaii and air drying, or even styling my hair in general has been such a challenge with the humidity in the air! I recently had Cezanne done with Nicole and it reminded me of having a deep conditioner left on for a period of time, there was no uncomfortable feeling in the process at all, plus it wasn’t hours of extra time added onto my service! I left with super silky smooth hair (as I usually do when I leave Pomme) I wasn’t aware just how much Cezanne transformed my hair until I was in Hawaii and allowed my hair to air dry; I WAS SHOOK! I still have my natural wave but the frizz was 100% eliminated and the shine was incredible. I have now had the treatment done twice and the touch up process is just like the initial application. I am so impressed with the results, I can easily air dry my hair daily now and I LOVE my hair again! 

“I left with super silky smooth hair (as I usually do when I leave Pomme) I wasn’t aware just how much Cezanne transformed my hair until I was in Hawaii and allowed my hair to air dry; I WAS SHOOK!’

Jill McMahon

As someone who has battled with frizzy, unruly hair for as long as I can remember, finding a solution that allows me to air dry my hair without resembling a poodle has been a lifelong quest. From the gel-filled days of the ’90s to the toxic yet effective Brazilian Blowouts of the 2010s, I’ve tried it all. But it wasn’t until I discovered Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment that I finally am happy with my air-dried hair.

Before and After below!

Shannon Dalton

Extra Extra! For all you lovely ladies (and gents) out there who struggle with frizz, I am here to tell you and the WONDER of Cezanne! After receiving a treatment by the one and only miracle worker boss babe Nicole Pidherny, I can honestly say, after spending two weeks in a tropical humid climate, not only did my hair not frizz after swimming in the ocean, and pool, and spending time in ten suns, and washing and air drying, it is incredibly soft and still going strong! I will definitely be a repeat customer. I strongly recommend, no I insist, that you give it a try and I know you will be as hooked just as I am! Who knew we could have soft beach waves year-round, no matter the climate? Thanks for changing my hair’s life Nicole Pidherny!

“Who knew we could have soft beach waves year round, no matter the climate!”

Dana Ferguson

Dana BEFORE on left and AFTER on right
Dana Curly BEFORE on left and AFTER on right

Normally I would have to put in a thousand products and hope to god it looks decent and only 1/10 times would it come close to this!  I am totally hooked and I can’t get over how soft my hair feels, I am actually able to blow dry it smoothly, or just simply air dry it, two things I have never been able to do before! As you can see in my before photo (where I attempted to round brush my own hair) it was not something that I thought would ever be possible, and as you can see in the second photo, with Cezanne it is! The only thing I would say is that you can KIND of smell It in the hair, but it’s not a bad smell, it’s just noticeable when you are washing but it’s not overpowering and it wouldn’t deter me from getting the treatment !! I am so in love and I’m hooked! 

“I can’t get over how soft my hair feels, I am actually able to blow dry it smooth, or just simply air dry it, two things I have never been able to do before!”

Dylan Erhnhardt

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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