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The Hair Loss Blog


Let’s talk about hair loss!

Hair loss of all sorts has been a main focus of haircare conversation in recent months. Normalizing a healthy scalp and hair loss prevention for both men and women has been an area that we wanted to highlight and bring to the spotlight. I felt this was really important because talking about hair loss can be really embarrassing and uncomfortable for many, and often times it can be very traumatizing. It is important to know you are NOT ALONE and there ARE SOLUTIONS!

We are going to break down the most common causes of hair loss and the top THREE products you need to stop fall, and promote new growth!


Stress loss is called Telogen effluvium. This puts the follicle into resting phase. When the follicle is in resting phase it stops producing new hair, and the existing hair becomes weakened in the follicle and has a harder time anchoring in, which is why you may feel that ‘clumps’ are coming out when you are stressed, it is because the follicles are weak and can no longer hold onto the weight of your hair. Often times, you will notice hair loss due to stress come into affect months after your peak stress period because the hair may hold on until it just simply can’t anymore, and although you may be re producing hair again you need to re strengthen the follicle to anchor the hair in. If you are going through a stressful period in your life ensure you begin your anti fall routine immediately to prevent the follicle from going into resting phase and weakening.

Products to help with STRESS hair loss

Kérastase GENESIS line (The PINK products)

1. Bain Fortifiant (clear pink bottle) / Bain Opaque Nutri Fortifiant (solid pink bottle)

The clear pink (Bain Fortifiant) is for fine – medium hair or anybody that struggles with oily roots and dry ends. The solid pink (Bain Nutri-Fortifiant) is for medium-thick hair or anybody that has extremely dry lengths and ends! Both of these shampoos with help to STOP the hair fall and strengthen both the scalp and hair! The shampoo with cleanse off any build up off the scalp and leave a healthy living environment for the scalp and follicle, it will fortify the lengths and ends and strengthen weakened hair. The shine is AMAZING and you will notice softer more manageable results almost instantly

2. Serum Anti Chute – Daily scalp and hair treatment

This daily scalp and hair serum with strengthen the follicle to anchor the hair in! It will fortify and strengthen the lengths and ends and promote healthy scalp circulation. REMEMBER! HEALTHY SCALP = HEALTHY HAIR! This serum has aminexil in it which wakes up dormant (resting phase) cells and promotes NEW growth. Use this product AT LEAST 3x a week in order to see results. We recommend doing at least two rounds of this serum to see optimal results.

3. Defense Thermique – Daily leave in spray

The daily defense leave in spray is essential for anybody going through stress! This will bring lengths and ends back to life! When the follicle goes into resting phase it can weaken the hair which can result in your existing hair feeling lifeless and flat! Defense thermique will revive the lengths and ends, STOP additional hair fall and repair existing damage! Equipped with repairing agents AND heat protection you can either air dry OR blowdry with this! The spray is a detangling queen (we do recommend using the spray with the ‘pommeshell’ detangling brush) and it is great for ALL hairtypes.

We suggest using the Genesis Daily Fondant in conjunction with these products but those THREE will stop hair fall, and promote new growth while repairing existing damage! PINK = STRESS FREE HAIR!


Why do we loose hair postpartum!? It is often a combo of stress AND the typical postpartum triggers. During pregnancy there is a large increase in blood flow and circulation which promotes hair growth and keeps the follicle strong and anchors the hair in! This is why your nails, hair, skin, and hair often feel like they are so healthy and vibrant and growing! After you give birth your blood flow goes back to normal, PLUS you have hormonal changes, and often are depleted of many things from the stress of giving birth. This combination not only causes hair to fall out, it will prevent new hair to grow (super fun!) Now that we know WHY we can easily fix the problem! Below are your top THREE products to prevent this from happening at all and grow new hair back if it does. One thing to note, is that having a healthy scalp and good circulation is VERY important in order to have these products work their best so I highly suggest using a scalp scrub once a week In conjunction with these products.

Products that help with Postpartum hair loss and re growth (Combination of all the lines)

Specifique Bain Prevention (White shampoo bottle)

This shampoo will help to prevent hair fall from ever happening, begin using this during your pregnancy to help prevent the hair loss post birth! The scent is very light and not overwhelming! Great for all hair types (coloured, dark, light, thick, curly, thin etc). Use this as your daily shampoo heading into, and post pregnancy.

Genesis Ampoules – Anti-casse Fortifiantes

These small but mighty ampoules are targeted to specifically STOP hair from falling out of the follicle AND wake up dormant (resting phase) cells. The unique formula will anchor the hair into the scalp, strengthen the follicle and create a healthy living environment on the scalp! The 1.5% aminexil widens blood vessels to promote more blood flow and therefore helps to increase hair growth and STOP hair fall! This is really important postpartum because your blood flow reduces back down to where it was pre pregnancy which will trick your hair into resting phase! Begin these ampoules BEFORE that happens to keep the blood vessels widened and the blood flowing and you will experience MUCH LESS (if any) hair fall! Use half a vile daily during peak time on wet or dry hair and massage into scalp. I recommend doing at least two rounds of the ampoules to see optimal results!

Extenioniste – Serum Extentioniste

Serum Extentioniste is going to STOP breakage on your lengths and ends, and promote longer and stronger hair growth! The ceramides in the formula help to improve hair elasticity and strength that can weaken during the hormonal changes that come with pregnancy. These ceramides go into the cuticle of the hair and smooth out the actual fibre of the hair to create long lasting shine, and strength! The serum also promotes up to 7x MORE hair to grow from the follicle! This will not wake up resting phase follicles but rather grow stronger, healthier and MORE hair from existing follicles! I recommend always pairing it with the ampoules to get the best benefits for both scalp and hair!

I suggest pairing your postpartum routine with the Extentioniste Fondant daily conditioner to leave your hair strong, healthy and shiny! The fondant won’t weigh down fine hair but will leave thick hair feeling hydrated! Great for all hair types!


Hormonal changes of many sorts will often cause sudden hair loss and hair fall. Certain medications, switching up your birth control, altering your diet, age or changing your exercise, can all cause change in hair growth and cause hair fall. You will often find your hair becoming brittle, dry and seeing increased hair fall and a lack of hair growth! It is essential to keep a really healthy scalp and hair during hormonal changes. Our bodies will ‘protect’ our major organs if we experience major changes fast and literally stop feeding nutrients to areas such as our hair, and nails! We have to artificially provide nutrients and strength to help prevent hair loss. Beyond hair product drinking lots of water, and fuelling yourself with super foods and nutrients will help keep your hair healthy and happy!

Products to help prevent hair fall due to hormonal change

(Combination of Pink + Grey line )

Bain Fortifiant (clear pink bottle) / Bain Opaque Nutri Fortifiant (solid pink bottle)

The Genesis shampoos will help to STOP any existing hair fall you are experiencing as well as fortify, repair and strengthen your mid lengths and ends! The clear pink bottle is recommended for anybody struggling with an oily scalp, or with fine-medium hair. The solid pink bottle is for anybody with thick or really tangly hair! Use this as your daily shampoo and you will prevent hair from going brittle, falling out and you will be left with voluminous healthy hair!

Specifique – Spray Stimuliste

This is our fail safe, easy to use go to Regrowth spray! (beginners i’m looking at you!) The Rhamnose ingredient in the treatment is a natural occurring sugar that promotes collagen production, which is very important if you are experiencing hair loss due to aging! The Aminexil 1.5% wakes up follicles in resting phase and widens the blood vessels to increase blood flow which in turn promotes MORE hair growth and helps to stop additional hair fall! The combination with additional ingredients will leave the hair feeling thicker and fuller! I recommend using this treatment AT LEAST three times a week on wet or dry scalp. If you are experiencing sudden loss due to hormones I suggest using at least two bottles! The spray is so simple to use and you should notice results within a month or two!

Genesis – Défense Thermique

This leave in spray will repair and strengthen the hair! It is important to keep the lengths and ends strong when going through hormonal changes! Great for ALL hair types the leave in spray is formulated to soften and repair the fibre of the hair while helping to stop hair fall. It does have heat protection if you choose to heat style but it is a great leave in for air drying as well!

I recommend using the Genesis Fondant conditioner in conjunction with your shampoo!


Aside from postpartum all of the causes for hair loss apply to not just women but everybody and every identity! No matter what you are experiencing it is important to understand that we have to create a healthy living environment for our hair, no matter how short or long! It can seem very overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. Choose the products that speak to you most and begin there! If you do not have a healthy scalp you will not have healthy hair! Using a scrub once a week will ALWAYS ensure healthy scalp and a great circulation of blood to our follicle, which we now know is one of the most important factors in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth! Investing in proper scalp and hair care will help to prevent further hair loss in the future and create a safe and healthy scalp!

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