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How is Kérastase Genesis different from our existing hair growth and hair loss prevention products!?

Kérastase Genesis; our NEW anti fall hair line just launched. A brand new line designed to prevent hair loss and protect and repair existing hair on the head. So how is this line different from existing haircare lines that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth that we already carry. The short answer is none of the existing products address both hair loss, and hair reinforcement within the same product! 

Below you will find an overview of our existing products and how they differ from Kérastase Genesis.

Existing Line: Kérastase Bain Prevention /Specifique 

Existing product: Bain Prevention (silicone free)

What it does: This shampoo helps to optimize circulation in the scalp to reduce hair loss, and plump the hair fibre to create volume. 

Who is it for: Men who are beginning to thin, Women who may be going through hormonal changes, women who have thinned over time, and are lacking density in the hair. 

Existing Product: Specifique Aminexil hair treatment: 

What it does: Reduces hair loss and promotes healthy circulation so the bulb of the hair is strong and healthy to grow stronger healthier hair from the head! 

Who is it for – Men who are thinning, women + men who are experiencing hair loss from hormonal changes or stress. – This treatment is strictly meant for the bulb of the hair and the scalp. It does not repair or strengthen the rest of the hair. 

Existing Line: Kérastase Résistance – Extentioniste

Existing Product: Résistance – Extentioniste Bain Shampoo

What it does – The shampoo increases the elasticity of the hair, and strengthens the entire strand root to tip. It fortifies the hair to help reduce breakage and rebuilds the strength and natural fibre in the hair. Plus it leaves the hair incredibly shiny! 

Who is it for – Anybody seeking to strengthen their hair.  For people looking to grow their hair and or protect it from damage. 

Existing Product: Résistance – Extentioniste Sérum (A POMME STAR PRODUCT!)

What it does – This serum helps promote healthier, stronger hair to grow from the scalp. It strengthens and fortifies existing hair to prevent breakage and it restores the cuticle. Over all it helps to grow and maintain healthy strong hair. 

Who is it for? Anybody who wants to grow their hair LONG.  Anyone seeking stronger hair to gain growth and length! If your hair tends to ‘only grow to a certain point’ or breaks easily this is a serum for you! ( I am looking at you blondes!) 

Our NEW line – Kérastase Genesis 

Below you will find the Shampoos and treatments from Genesis that you can compare to our existing hair loss shampoos and treatments. You can find a full breakdown of the entire Genesis line on our last blog: Introducing Kérastase Genesis!

TWO shampoos to choose from to reduce hair fall.

Bain Hydra Fortifiant – For FINE – NORMAL hair or if you struggle with an oily scalp!

What it does –  Gently removes sebum and build up (such as dirt, pollution etc.) off the scalp and prevent hair fall and the risk of breakage.  Leaves hair soft, manageable and shiny@

Who is it for? – Anybody who has fine-normal hair struggling with hair breakage and damage.

Bain Nutri-Fortifiant – For Normal-Thick hair or anybody struggling with very dry hair.

What it does – Strengthens the fibre and provides intense nourishment and gently detangles hair. Prevents hair fall due to breakage.

Who is it for?  Anybody who has dry damaged hair looking to prevent hair loss due to breakage and restore nourishment and health into the hair. 

Sérum Anti-chut Fortifiant +  Ampoule Cure Treatments 

Sérum Anti-chut Fortifiant Daily anti fall serum.

What it does –  This is your DAILY use anti fall serum. With a combination of Cafeine, Ginger Root, and Aminexil ingredients, this daily serum will prevent hair from falling from the root and protect your lengths and ends!

Who is it for? Anybody that experiences hair loss from breakage, stress, hormonal change, or above average shedding.

Ampoules Cure Fortifiante Anti-Chute Highly concentrated anti fall treatments for intense hair fall periods. This would be postpartum, high stress, major hormonal changes.

What it does-These are extremely concentrated formulas that; sooth the scalp, reduce the hair from falling out at the root, protect the follicle and slows down the scalp aging process (aging scalps can aid in hair loss ). With a combination of ingredients including; Octopyrox (soothe the scalp), Aminexil 1.5% (reduces hair fall), Viperide (Botox like peptide), Taurine (protects hair follicle), Rhamnose (slows down scalp aging process), these treatments are meant to be used post hair wash during high stress periods.

Who is it for? These treatments are meant to be used constantly for 6 weeks straight during peak hair fall (stress, postpartum) while using these treatments it is not necessary to use the daily serum! 


Assess your hair and choose the product that addresses your MAIN concern. If you have chemically treated hair, and are experiencing hair loss, hair damage and or shedding I would recommend choosing the Kérastase Genesis line. It will address ALL your needs. If you find you do not have hair damage yet are experiencing hair loss I would recommend the Kérastase Prevention + Specifique line. If you find you cannot grow your hair hair long and you suffer from breakage and damage, yet you don’t struggle with hair loss at the scalp I would recommend the Kérastase Extentioniste line.


ALWAYS shampoo your hair twice. The first time cleans all the build up, residue, dirty and minerals off the hair (this is what causes oily scalp etc.) and the second shampoo cleans the hair. You will be shocked how much more volume and bounce you have! 
ALWAYS use a post shower leave in product. It helps to even out the cuticle and keep the hair hydrated and protected! 
Work with your budget. If your budget won’t allow for an entire range always begin with Shampoo. Shampoo is the first product that is touching our hair and it is cleaning our scalp and hair creating a healthy living environment! The correct shampoo for your hair is the most important product!


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