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Six Ways to Style Your Accessories


Stylist, Jenn Dicaire has brought to us SIX ways to feel inspired with styling your accessories. Dress these looks up or down, day 1 hair or day 3 hair, accessories are a fun way to get creative with your styling!

1. The Triple Stack

A casual way to spice up your day two waves! Pull back some side pieces, and with a slim pin or clip you can stack three of a kind.  – Great for all hair types and lengths! 

2. Double Twist Back with a Clip

This look is the ultimate facade. It looks like a lot of effort was put in but really you just spiral two pieces of hair in the opposite direction, repeat on the other side and secure with bobby pins. Polish it off with a clip and voila!

3. Half Up-Do with Scrunchie-Scarf Bun

Accessorize your outfit with a printed scrunchie scarf.  – The scrunchie scarf from Shop Cynthea Jo is a must for 2020. Part scrunchie, Part scar, and double awesome. Ps. did you hear that scarves are hot hot hot for spring 2020!? 

*HOT TIP: you can add a hair scarf to a scrunchie to create a scrunchie scarf. 

4. Chignon Peak-A-Boo Pin

This is a very simple look that can be elevated with the use of a pearl pin. To create the bun, gather hair in a pony but just before pulling your pony all the way through, fold the excess ends around the bun and tuck it in the elastic. 

5. Clip It Up Top Knot

Do a high top knot with a scrunchie and mix and match clips and pins, also to help keep your baby hairs up too! 

6. Pearly One Sided Slick Back

Similar to the triple stack, except isolating one side with a tuck, and accessorize with a more elegant clip. 

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