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Interchangeable Hot Thermal Brush

Salon Blow-Out Look, Refresh Hair Style, Reduce Frizz

This item will be released June 11, 2024.


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Have heat protectors and a Pomme Brush at home already? Just get the Interchangeable Thermal Hot Brush to complete your at home salon treatment!!

The Hot Thermal Brush Tool offers versatility with its three interchangeable barrel size options, catering to various hair lengths and styles!

Its ceramic construction ensures even heat distribution for gentle styling, while the ionic brush emits negative ions, effectively reducing frizz and leaving hair smooth as it effortlessly glides through tangle-free bristles! With the ability to smooth hair while styling, this tool helps to achieve a salon-worthy blowout look and effortlessly refresh hairstyles with minimal time and effort, making it a must-have for convenient and flawless hair styling!!

How to use

1. Gently wrap the hair around the barrel from the end.

2. Wrapping the hair from the end and rolling towards the middle, pull down back towards the ends and wrap again until close to the root. 

3. Hold for 5-10 seconds depending on desired style, may need to be held longer for thicker hair. 

4. Unravel the hair by twisting inward to achieve beautiful blow out curls. 

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