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Chroma Absolu Deep Repairing Routine for Colour-treated Hair

Combat Frizz & Dryness - Thick to Medium Coloured Hair


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Introducing Chroma Absolu, a dedicated range formulated to combat fibre porosity, colour-induced frizz, and colour oxidation, specifically designed for all types of colour-treated hair.

This routine is suited for medium to thick hair. The luxurious Chroma Absolu routine nourishes the hair fibre while effectively sealing the cuticles. This powerful combination works wonders to rejuvenate and protect your hair’s colour-treated lengths, preventing colour-induced frizz and dryness.

Chroma Absolu represents the ultimate solution for all coloured hair, boasting a trilogy of acids that work harmoniously to strengthen the hair, offer restorative care, and provide essential nourishment. Experience the benefits of colour preservation, and anti-frizz properties, and revel in the result of healthy, glossy hair that exudes vibrancy and radiance.

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