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Leave your scalp problems behind!


Here are the top 5 things I recommend to prevent dandruff, dry or greasy scalp this winter! 

#1 Cleanse! 

The main cause of scalp issues is due to an imbalance on the scalp whether that is caused by seasonal, hormonal or environmental (product build-up, etc) it can all be dealt with in a very similar way! Our scalp is SKIN and therefore we have to treat it like the rest of the skin on our body, which starts with exfoliating! A once-weekly scalp scrub will draw off impurities and help to balance the scalp and promote healthy blood flow and circulation! We love to use our scalp massager to activate both scrubs! 

The Green Scrub – For sensitive scalp, or if you have psoriasis and other inflammatory issues. Key ingredients include Jojoba and Orange peel for a gentle cleanse that will balance out your scalp! (We have seen amazing results with our psoriasis clients!) 

The Blue Scrub – A deep salty cleanse that will invigorate the scalp and kick-start blood flow and circulation! This scrub cleanses the scalp and build up deep in the follicle! *Key ingredient Salacylic acid! 

#2 Balance (who doesn’t need a little more balance am I right!?) 

If you treat your scalp to ONE product this season, choose this! Specifique Potentialiste Serum will balance the scalp microbiome and deeply hydrate the scalp and hair. After 7 days you will start to notice better oil production, flakes and itchiness cleared up and more volume at the root! This serum is great for ANYBODY with a scalp! It is necessary for creating a healthy hydrated environment especially through these dry winter months. 

#3 – Condition 

We often forget to condition our scalp. But think about the conditioner like body cream. It’s necessary! The Masque Réhydratant will hydrate and soothe the scalp while simultaneously conditioning the hair. If you have thick hair I suggest using this at the root and your corresponding masque or daily conditioner through your lengths and ends. 

#4 – Brush, then brush a bit more! 

This is a common step that is missed, especially for people with little to no hair! But brushing and activating blood flow on the scalp is VERY important to brush your scalp to distribute natural oils through your lengths and ends, as well as activate circulation on the scalp, you will have a more balanced scalp, more volume in the hair and less dandruff and dryness! 

#5 – WATER! 

We all need a gentle reminder once in a while! DRINK YOUR WATER!!! We have all the products to help but it also comes from inside, especially when we are talking about our skin! If we are dehydrated, guess what, so will our skin! (**Takes a sip of water 🙂 ) 

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Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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