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How to Airdry your hair this summer!


Say hello to effortless summer hair! In this blog post, we’ll reveal the secrets to achieving stunning, beachy waves and frizz-free locks by harnessing the power of air-drying. Discover the essential techniques and products that’ll help you embrace your natural texture and breeze through the summer months with enviable hair.

STEP 01:

Wash your hair with a hydratingshampoo and conditioner.

We love the results from thePureology Hydrate range.

STEP 02:

Dry your hair thoroughly!

STEP 03:

Next, Apply leave-in!

We recommend Color Fanatic Multi-Task Spray or Genesis Défense Thermique and brush through your hair with the Pomme Brush to detangle hair.

STEP 04:

Prime your hair with Curl Manifesto Crème De Jour Fondamentale.

Apply to roots and ends using a good amount. Brush through.

STEP 05:

Prep and finish with Curl Manifesto Gelée Contour.

Apply a quarter-sized amount (double for longer hair), brush through and twirl curls with your fingers and scrunch.

STEP 06:

Sit back and relax while your hair dries and rock your natural curls & waves!

Jill McMahon

Jill McMahon

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