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Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair


The importance of scalp health, and why it essential for maintaining healthy hair

I am going to get right to it! Until recently, scalp health was not a focus for me when consulting with clients. We would address an issue if we saw it, or if it was brought up from the client specifically but it was, to be honest, kind of a taboo subject (I am not sure why!) With more and more research, and science, and user friendly products hitting the market, the benefits of a healthy scalp started to make their way to the mainstream, and we started to shatter the stigma around subjects like; dandruff, excess oil production, dry itchy flakes, and hair loss.

I have been focusing on the health of the hair from the inside out and how we can build and maintain an healthy living environment. to grow healthy strong hair from our head! Much like fuelling our bodies from the inside out with healthy food, we need to feed our hair with nutrients from the inside out!

I am answering all your scalp health questions below, and explaining the WHY behind each answer!

You asked… I’m Answering!

Pommeshell: How does a healthy scalp = healthy hair?

Nicolepommehair: Our hair grows out of your scalp, so if our scalp is unhealthy, then our hair will be. As we age, our scalp naturally tightens which results in less production of natural oils, less hair growth and hair that does grow will lack moisture and volume. Much like our skin; (I mean our scalp is skin!) we have to treat it with products for anti aging to keep circulation strong.

What can you do at home!? Treating your hair once a week with a scalp scrub will wake up your circulation, and cleanse off any build up clogging the pores in your scalp. Environmental aggressors, calcium and mineral build of from water, and product build up needs to be cleansed off (like exfoliating your face!) in order to open up the pores for healthy hair and oil production. The scalp scrub cleans ALL build up off the hair leaving the scalp invigorated and awake, and the hair more voluminous and healthy! If you do not have any scalp issues I highly recommend this as a preventative measure, and to simply keep a healthy and happy living environment for your hair!

Pommeshell: I have super oily roots and dry ends, HELP!

Nicolepommehair: There are a few reasons why this could be happening! I have found, through my online consultations, that oily scalp is a NUMBER ONE concern for most people! It got me to thinking, does everybody just produce an excessive amount of oil, or is there a deeper problem going on here? I landed on the latter. If you are using the WRONG shampoo for your hair type it can cause an imbalance. First we need to get you balanced and hydrated from root to tip. We have TWO amazing shampoos that balance oily roots and dry ends. The Kérastase Bain Divalent will balance out oily roots and hydrate dry ends without stripping your scalp of its natural oils. Reach for this shampoo if you have natural, or gently treated hair. The Kérastase Bain Hydra-Fortifiant will balance out your oily scalp and dry ends, this shampoo will also simultaneously repair your lengths and ends. If you have chemically treated hair and struggle with oily roots this is a great shampoo for you!

Lets talk about DRY SHAMPOO really quick: There are MANY dry shampoos on the market, and recently, they have taken the main stage, I mean, if you can avoid shampooing why not!? Dry shampoo in moderation (like anything) is a great solution to prolong your wash days, but if you find that you cannot go more than one day without feeling greasy and oily, then you are probably using to much dry shampoo, and the incorrect one.

Pommeshell: Aren’t all dry shampoos basically the same? Why should I invest in a professional dry shampoo?

Nicolepommehair: You would think right!? Its just powder that absorbs oil. BUT that could not be farther from the truth! Using a generic brand or non professional brand will typically be full of chemicals and powders that absorb ALL the oil on your scalp. We need a healthy production of oil to keep our scalp (ahh theres that scalp health again!) healthy and hydrated. If our dry shampoo is absorbing ALL the oils our scalp gets confused and starts producing an excessive amount of oil to make up for the lack of hydration, creating an imbalance in the hair! Invest into a professional dry shampoo, and try to use your dry shampoo 1-3 times a week max!

Pommeshell: I have little dry spots all over my scalp that are itchy and so irritating, how can I fix this!?

Nicolepommehair: This is much more common issue that we realize, so if you struggle with this, have no fear! Its normal! If you suffer from this periodically or seasonally I would suggest a scalp scrub all year round to maintain a healthy scalp, and when you suffer from a flare up our Kérastase dry scalp spot treatments solve the issue within 4 weeks of beginning to use the treatments! Post shower, apply your dry scalp vile and massage into scalp. This will health your dry itchy and even flakey scalp without drying out the rest of your hair! If your scalp is itchy and flakey on a regular basis I would suggest using Kérastase Bain Dermo Calm or the L’Oreal Professionnel Sensi Balance. Using a balancing shampoo will help to balance out and control dry itchy scalp, while soothing and invigorating what may otherwise be discomfort! If you have chemically treated hair I would recommend using one of these as your FIRST shampoo when you double shampoo (which you should all be doing!)

Pommeshell: What is the best scalp serum to stop hair fall or promote hair growth?

Nicolepommehair: When you are selecting your scalp and hair growth serum you need to consider a couple factors: Are you trying to STOP hair shedding and hair loss, are you trying to grow MORE hair, are you trying to grow thicker and longer hair?

Hair Loss:

Kérastase Ampoules-Fortifiantes – Concentrate treatments to help combat hair loss; due to high stress, major hormonal changes, or medical hair loss. Use these when you get out of the shower and apply 1/2-1 vile of this every time your hair is WET. Use at least one full box (1 complete round) to see the best results.

Kérastase Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant – Daily anti fall serum to combat hair loss and encourage hair growth. Designed to stop hair loss and hair shedding, and encourage healthy happy hair to grow from scalp. With technology of; Aminexil, Ginger Root and Caffeine, this formula will wake up the scalps dormant follicle, repair and fortify lengths and ends (great for chemically damaged hair) and stop hair fall. This is a great ‘maintenance’ program to keep your hair healthy and strong, and I recommend using this serum after you have completed your ampoules!

Kérastase Extentioniste Serum – Daily hair strengthening serum. Use this serum if you want to grow longer, thicker, healthier hair. This serum will promote STRONGER hair, and up to 7x MORE hair to grow from the follicle. If you don’t typically suffer from hair loss at the root, but want to grow longer thicker, healthier hair then this is the serum for you!

HOT TIP- I have been using the Extentioniste Serum WITH the Ampoules treatments and I have VERY happy with the results. My hair is thicker, more voluminous, and I have seen essentially zero breakage since starting this combo system!

Lets Recap:

It can seem very overwhelming to know WHERE to begin. Start with a scrub, this will cleanse off all the build up, create a healthy happy living environment and make it much easier to determine if its your products, or an actual skin problem when it comes to your scalp issues!

When Choosing a scalp shampoo, select your MAIN issue and start with that as your main shampoo

When selecting your scalp serum; select the serum that will solve your MAIN issue.

Healthy Hair starts at the scalp!


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Nicole Pidherny

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