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Five Anti-Thinning Hair Products You CAN’T Live Without!!


The reviews don’t lie, here’s our top five anti-thinning hair products loved by the Pomme Squad and our Pommeshells.

Genesis Bain & Fondant

To jump start hair growth, it has to start in the shower! That’s why we love both Genesis Bains & Fondant. The entire Genesis line STOPS hair fall by reinforcing the follicle and strengthening and repairing existing hair on the head! The shampoo and conditioner also help to balance out oil production to keep scalp healthier, and we all know healthy scalp = healthy hair. It also stops hair from breaking on the ends! The entire line is good for all hair types and smells heavenly!

Genesis Serum Anti-Chute

As this serum is part of the Genesis line, it also STOPS hair fall and anchors the hair into the head. This daily serum is enriched with ginger root and caffeine which stimulate the scalp thanks to it improving scalp micro-circulation. It also contains aminexil which wakes up dormant cells to start producing hair again. By massaging the serum into your scalp with the Pomme Scalp Massager  it will stimulate blood circulation, which will help with hair growth. By brushing it through your hair after applying to the scalp it will help to stop breakage and repair hair on existing damaged hair. This serum is an EXCELLENT product for stress hair loss, hormonal hair loss and postpartum hair loss.

Specifique Spray Stimuliste

This product is our number 1 selling anti thinning hair product, and for good reason!! The rhamnose helps plump up existing hair to thicken and densify existing hair on the head and the aminexil wakes up dormant cells to produce hair again. Both of these ingredients are going to stimulate and wake up scalp circulation creating a healthy environment for new growth. This is the secret weapon and a FAVOURITE with our male Pommeshells as it’s super easy to use – just spray it on the hair and scalp and you’re good to go! It also won’t leave your hair greasy or weight it down!

Genesis & Spécifique Ampoules

Both of these ampoules are extremely concentrated versions of the daily serum. For best results, we recommend using a round of either ampoule FIRST and then moving to the daily serum for maintenance. For an added boost, we also love using this in conjunction with the Specifique Spray Stimuliste!

Extentioniste Serum

First, we must note that unlike the other products, this is not an anti thinning treatment but a hair GROWTH treatment. With continued use it is able to GROW up to 7x more hair from a single follicle and STOP breakage (ahem, we all have  those baby hairs around our face!) This serum also strengthens existing hair so you can grow longer stronger thicker hair from the scalp!

The Tools:

The Pomme Brush & Scalp Massager

Our two most popular Pommeshell products are also the best tools you can use to enhance all the anti-thinning products mentioned above! We love using the Pomme Scalp Massager in the shower to help stimulate our scalp and work in either Genesis Shampoos. For extra boost and stimulation, use the Pomme Brush to work in either serum, ampoules or spray stimuliste!

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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