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Dealing with Greasy Hair? Here’s How to Fix it.


We all love good hair days. Some days they’re easily achieved, like when you have time to wash your hair and spend time with your curling iron. But what about those days when there just isn’t enough time to lather up that day-two hair before leaving the house?

We get asked a lot how clients can combat greasy hair, so before you pull your hair into a top knot or slip on your favourite ball cap, here’s what you can do to reduce the grease while washing your hair less.

Step 1: Re-evaluate your wash-day routine

Step One - Re-Evaluate your wash day routine

One of the biggest complaints we hear about hair is greasy roots with dry ends. If this is something you’re dealing with too, we recommend taking a look at your current shampoo and conditioner. When you do a quick Google search for oily hair shampoo, what you find might not be the best solution.

Often, our clients are using the wrong product for their specific hair type. This can lead to product build-up and a slightly confused scalp. When the shampoo and conditioner you’re using start to build-up on your scalp and hair follicles, your scalp thinks it needs to create more sebum (the natural oil that makes hair look greasy) to compensate. This leads to an imbalanced scalp, which is the biggest contributor to greasy hair.

Of course, switching to a tried and tested oily scalp shampoo can sometimes be all it takes for a fresher scalp. We’ve put many different products to the test, and for oily scalps, we highly recommend:

Talk product with a professional

Sometimes it’s not about finding the best shampoos for oily hair. It’s more about finding the right professional products for your hair type to create a more balanced hair and scalp environment.

When it’s balanced, your hair will look so much healthier and you won’t need to pull out the shampoo every time you climb into the shower. If your goal is to only shampoo only once or twice a week, book a free eConsult with Nicole and her team to find out which products are right for you. 

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Step 2: Find the right dry shampoo

Step Two - Use the right Dry Shampoo

It’s really important to find the right dry shampoo when trying to avoid oily hair, which is why we always recommend Fresh Affair.

This industry-leading dry shampoo is made up of rice starch and packed with vitamin E, so it’ll hydrate the scalp and gently clean it without the need for daily shampooing.

Since it won’t leave your scalp feeling dry, your scalp won’t produce excess sebum either. Fresh Affair is perfect for all hair types and doesn’t contribute to product build-up.

Here’s how to apply your dry shampoo:

  1. Shake the can really well before using
  2. Hold the can about 20 cm (a little less than a foot) away from your head and spray on your roots
  3. Flip your hair and gently brush the product through your strands to remove excess residue
  4. Re-apply as often as you’d like

With the addition of dry shampoo to your everyday hair routine, you’ll soon find yourself prolonging your wash schedule by up to three days and get you closer to your hair goals!

Step 3: Master the art of scalp massage

Step Three - Discover the Scalp Massage

Once you’ve found the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, you’ll want to incorporate a scalp massage every time you wash. This creates blood flow to your scalp, removes excess oil and product build-up, and promotes hair growth.

Pro tip: For an extra healthy scalp, try incorporating one of the Kérastase Fusio Scrubs into your scalp massage at least once a week. You may even want to try using the scrub in place of shampoo on occasion. When your scalp is healthy, your roots will stay fresh longer.

We also recommend massaging your scalp in between wash days too. It’s so relaxing!

Here’s how to massage your scalp in the shower:

  1. Apply your favourite hair oil or elixir to your hair before jumping into the shower
  2. Grab your scalp massager and, in a circular motion, gently exfoliate your scalp
  3. Wash your hair
  4. Repeat step 2 (if you want)
  5. Rinse out the shampoo and apply conditioner
  6. Repeat step 2 (if you want)
  7. Rinse well and style your hair as normal

Better hair days await! With the use of the right shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo and scalp massager, you’ll wash less and enjoy good hair days more.

Looking for more awesome hair tips? Our @pomme_salon and @nicolepommehair IGTV channels feature how-to videos and step-by-step guides for radiant and luxurious hair.

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

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Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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