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Choosing the right curling iron for your hair type


How to choose the right barrel size?

Getting the right waves for your hair can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the proper products and tools for the job! We often get asked: “How do you know what size of curling iron to choose for your hair type?” We are breaking down a simple guide to the right curling iron size!

Short Hair – Shoulder Length

The length of your hair is going to help determine the size of your curling iron you need. We suggest for short hair (ears or above) to just below chin, you choose the 1 inch curling iron . The 1 inch iron will give you a soft wave for these lengths because of the smaller barrel the hair will be able to wrap 1-2 times around the rod (remember to always leave your ends out!) and when you brush out your curls it will create the soft beachy wave we all love for a cropped cut!

HOT TIP*** If you are curling your bob; don’t worry about trying to curl the underneath in the back, the straighter hair will help to pop up the curls on top to create more texture!

Shoulder Length-Long Hair

Typically for longer hair we suggest the 1.25 inch iron to create the soft waves that you all love. However, if you have long FINE hair or hair that doesn’t hold a curl we suggest using a 1 inch iron. The reason we suggest this is to prolong the life of your curls, if you have long hair the weight of the length of hair will naturally pull the curls out faster than when your hair is shorter, for this reason prepping with the 1 inch will result in a softer curl that will hold longer!

Prepping your hair for lasting curls!

Choosing the correct size curling iron is important, but PREPPING your hair is just as, if not more important than the size of the curling iron! Hair preparation goes so much further than just a setting spray or a finishing texture spray. Hair that holds starts at the scalp!

Start in the shower

If you find your curls fall, don’t have volume and are lacking life in general you need to cleanse and clear your scalp and hair to create move volume from the inside out! Use the Scalp Scrub once a week to cleanse off all the build up on your scalp, create blood flow and circulation for your hair and scalp and leave your hair voluminous and clean! This will help to prep the hair to successfully hold a curl. If you are trying to curl your hair with a ton of build up from product left on the hair, your curl is unlikely to hold because the build up is what is getting heated up and the heat won’t have the ability to be evenly distributed throughout the entire cuticle!

Prep from wet

Make sure you are setting yourself up for curling success from the moment your clean scalp exists the shower! Don’t be afraid to use product! Choose the RIGHT product. Prep your hair with Genesis Defense Thermique and Shu Uemura Netsu Blow dry cream . These two products won’t weigh the hair down, they will leave the hair hydrated and soft, protected from the heat and the netsu cream has the perfect amount of hold and memory to help prep the hair to hold curl for longer.


Although we don’t condone excessive heat styling, we do suggest blowdrying your hair to properly prep for curling! If you do this once a week, and are using the correct product you will avoid excessive heat damage on your hair! The reason we suggest blow drying is because it will help to heat the bond into place, create more volume at the root (DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR CONCENTRATOR!) and set the cuticle with the correct product to hold the curl!

Also ensure you use a good quality blow dryer that doesn’t get too hot! The Elchim light weight ceramic infra-red heat and million negative ions blow dryer moistures and protects the hair from effects of heat and is 35% lighter.

Remember your Hot Style Constructor

Hot style constructor from Tecni Art is the game changer, number one best heat setting spray in the game! Although it is an aerosol do not confuse it for hair spray! Prep each section by spraying hot style constructor onto the section and brushing it evenly throughout with the Pommeshell Brush to avoid tangles and kinks! Hot style constructor sets the curl, help to evenly distribute heat and hold the curl evenly, and protects it from heat damage.

Finish Strong

After all this work you need to finish strong, and that doesn’t necessarily mean hair spray! Once your curls are cooled brush or shake them out with a little pea size of hair oil like Blond Absolu Huile Cicaextreme or  Elixir Ultime Original and then finish with your texture spray of choice! We love Shu Uemura Wata Wave for a light frothy finish in our waves!

Practice makes better and with the proper set up, and time you will be able to achieve salon waves at home! Check out our IGTV how to videos on both @pomme_salon and @nicolepommehair for step by step guides on how to use your new curling iron!

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