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Short Hair Waves: How To


Punch up your bob with quick waves!

5 Steps to get the ‘Short Hair Waves’ look:

  1. Prep dry hair with L’Oreal Pro Hot Style Constructor, taking one inch sections use the Babyliss Pro 1 inch Iron.
  2. Starting in the middle of each section (leave the ends out) curl hair OFF face moving your iron towards the scalp, keeping the ends out of the iron. Hold of 5-10 seconds.
  3. As you are dropping the iron twist the hair and slowly bring the ends through at the very end! This will give them just the slight bend that we want!
  4. Continue around head, curling all waves OFF face, meeting in the middle in the back.
  5. Finish and separate the curls with L’Oreal Pro Siren Waves Cream, this is a hydrating cream with a slight hold so it will not way your curls down! The technology  has an elastic type memory to create glossy bouncy waves that look soft, shiny and natural!! 
Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.

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