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*The finer details:

  • The offer runs from April 3rd to May 3rd, 2023.
  • Must refer three friends to get 150 Pomme Points.
  • Pomme Points will be awarded to your account automatically once you have submitted the form even if your friends don’t sign up.
  • 150 Pomme Points can ONLY be awarded to the email address used in this form so please ensure it’s your correct email address.
  • You can submit the form as many times as you want, but 150 Pomme Points will ONLY be awarded once per account.
  • You can submit the form as many times as you want, but your submission to win the $500 online credit will only be entered ONCE.
  • Not redeemable for cash or in-salon.
  • If your friends are already members of either tier, 150 points will not be added. They will need to refer friends to get 150 points.
  • To be eligible to win the $500 online store credit you must enter three UNIQUE friends’ email addresses which cannot be your email.

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