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During this incredibly challenging and unknown time in our lives, there is one big question lingering over our heads (literally)? How do we manage our roots, greys, brass and bangs!? 

We put together a guide to being a QUAREN-QUEEN!  Featuring our top 5 products under $50 in order to keep your hair, skin and body feeling fresh.

Jokes aside, if we can keep some sort of normalcy in our lives, it can help keep our mental health strong. I can honestly say that getting up, doing my hair and makeup and continuing my daily beauty routine has helped make me feel SO much better.  I think by taking that time and taking care of yourself can boost your mood, and hey thats what selfies are for! Below I am going to breakdown our top 5 under $50 but real quick I am going to address the MAIN concerns when it comes to hair and beauty. 


The concern. WTF am i going to do about my greys (This is not the time to spare cursing)   

Solution 1:  Become one with them

Embrace it and know that you are in the same boat as everybody else! By keeping your hair CLEAN and blown out you will actually blend them into the rest of your hair better and flip your part to help blend them out.  If your hair is greasy and dirty it will make your greys glisten a little brighter.

Our Recommendation : Use the Scalp Scrub 1x per week to keep a clean and healthy scalp, this will remove ALL grease and build up off your scalp leaving it airy and clean, honestly you will be surprised how much more blended your hair will feel. The scalp scrub also helps to awaken your scalp and promotes healthy blood flow, because we are all VERY tense right now and that can cause hair loss.   

Solution 2 :  Cover that sh*t up!

Thankfully we have PROFESSIONNEL root touch up spray. A root spray is classified as ‘makeup’ because it is not an oxidized colour we put on our heads, it lasts until your next shampoo and covers your grey! So what is the difference between regular and professional root sprays?

L’oreal Professionnel Root Touch Up Spray uses the highest quality makeup so the colour is true to tone, does not bleed (um.. Hi who wants powder melting down their face?) and does not transfer onto clothes and pillows etc. Basically once you spray it on it stays put until your next shampoo! L’Oreal Professionnel also created colours to work cohesively with our colour line, so if you need help choosing a colour simply message us via our live chat below or book in a free eConsult here and we can help determine your colour!! 

** PLEASE NOTE: The root spray can be used on ANY hair type and covers from 0% – 100% grey! If your roots are growing in lighter you can also use it to blend out growth without grey! It is a great solution to keeping your hair look salon fresh until we can see you again!

PLEASE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BOX DYE YOUR HAIR – click HERE to see why we don’t recommend that!!  


As a blonde, I can feel your pain, and relate on the deepest level right now.  – Can I just low-key note how happy I am that Melanie did my roots recently! Here is what you are dealing with, extended regrowth (if you are an all over or highlights), brassy hair, and dry damage. 

Our Recommendation : You NEED to ensure you are caring for your blonde, so your hair is healthy, strong and ready to be lightened again click HERE to see our guide to healthy blonde hair. When we are dealing with extended regrowth you can run into some challenges so it is more important than EVER that your hair is in excellent shape!

Solution 1 :  Home tone

Unfortunately it just is not safe for us to be giving out chemicals and hair colour to our clients so we have to use the products we have! Our purple toning products are going to be your best friend.

For ASHY blondes (if you like more silver / purply / very cool tones) L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino – Blonde Colour Corrector This purple conditioner has both a plue and purple underlying pigment so you will get a lot of toning from it. 

For WHITE blonde (you don’t like it to silvery but you don’t want warmth) Use Kérastase Blond Absolu – Masque Ultra Violet – This is a very purple masque which will nicely combat the yellow in your hair leaving a white blonde result, the edelweiss and hyaluronic formula will help to soften, hydrate and seal the cuticle while simultaneously plumping up the hair and leaving it soft and airy!

For NATURAL blonde, sandy blonde and darker blonde (if you have lighter brunette pieces this one is also amazing!)  Use Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Shade Reviving Balm-Cool Blonde. The lighter violet will combat without over toning and leaving the hair ‘muddy’ looking. It will leave the hair toned, natural and shiny, the linseed oil extract leaves the hair so silky and smooth!

*****  I have been using this one to maintain my blonde and then pairing it with the ultra violet shampoo when I’m feeling like a need a little bit more. ****** 

How to use your Purple Conditioner : Shampoo hair with desired shampoo (twice) – for max toning I would recommend using Kérastase Bain Ultra Violet for your second shampoo. Towel dry hair and apply Blonde Colour Corrector to hair in sections, it is VERY important that you apply the product evenly throughout the hair. I recommend using the Tangle Teezer to ensure it is evenly distributed. DO NOT let it dry on your hair, this will just cause build up on your hair and make it nearly impossible to lift through next time you come in, and it won’t tone it any extra! Let your evenly distributed conditioner sit for about 5 minutes or so and then rinse thoroughly! Our purple toning conditioners are very hydrating so no need to condition after. Post shower, apply Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Sérum at the root to keep hair nice and strong and apply Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaplasme Leave In Treatment then wrap in a Pommeshell towel. Style as usual. 


Well friends, you’re about to get real shaggy. We do NOT recommend reaching for the kitchen scissors, especially if you’ve been hitting the quarantini. If you feel you absolutely must;  Pomme Salon master stylist Melanie @melanie.s.stylist recommends over directing each side and simply removing the corner. But we mostly recommend just letting them grow and pinning them out of your face!! 


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Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.