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Q+A with FLVC’s Georgia!


Since we introduced our newest health line a few weeks ago, we (virtually) sat down with FLVC’s very own Georgia to ask some questions to help our Pommeshells understand these new products!

Pomme: What are the main differences between the tonic and the powder?

Georgia: Both products contain organic fulvic & humic acid, however the powder is straight up fulvic & humic powder. The recommended daily dose is ¼ tsp a day (which is 550 mg of fulvic and humic). The Tonic is alkalized drops, with a daily dose of 200 mg of fulvic and humic (two full droppers). When searching online for fulvic & humic acid for human consumption, it is more commonly sold in a liquid form. So we wanted to offer something that was completely different in the fulvic space, that was just the powder. Everyone has their preference for which product they prefer, but it really depends on what your body needs and your lifestyle, so we really push that – really listen to your body. I personally flow between the powder and the tonic on a daily basis but more often than not, I take the powder because I like that extra boost.

Pomme: When should you take it? Is there a specific time of day? 

Georgia: I personally take it in the morning because it gives me so much energy. If I take it past 3pm, I have difficulties falling asleep. I just add it to a water bottle and I sip it throughout the day. But again, it is a personal preference. 

Pomme: Who should take fulvic & humic acid? Is it for everyone? Or is there anyone who probably should not take it?

Georgia: It is for everyone, however, if you have health concerns, please have a chat with your doctor before adding supplements to your diet. There may be a conflict between immune suppressing medications and our products because fulvic & humic are immune boosting supplements

Pomme: Are there any added benefits for females taking it?

Georgia: It was used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for fertility as well as improving sexual health, but there is still more research being done.

Pomme: Will the dark colour stain your teeth over time?

Georgia: It will not stain your teeth. There is actually some research being done on the benefits of added fulvic acid to toothpaste.

Pomme: Is it safe for children to consume?

Georgia: Yes, I give the tonic to my children, and my youngest is 8. The recommended dose for adults is 2 dropper fulls a day. For my three children I give them half of a dropper a day.

Pomme: Will children see similar benefits to adults?

Georgia: Yes! My youngest has had trouble with focusing in class, and we have noticed since implementing fulvic into her diet a drastic change in her memory, sleep patterns and focus. The teachers have noticed a big difference as well. Zinc and magnesium are essential minerals and play a huge role in brain health and development.

Pomme: What are the effects of taking fulvic & humic acid with other natural supplements like iron, collagen or other vitamins/minerals?

Georgia: Fulvic acid is an enhancer and is also bio-available. When taking regular supplements in a capsule form, what percentage of that is the body actually absorbing? And the percentage of that is actually very low. Fulvic acid is bio-available which means your cells are absorbing it at a quicker rate and on a deeper level in comparison to taking other forms of supplements.

Pomme: Can you take it if you’re pregnant?

Georgia: There is no research on this, so we just suggest talking to your doctor.

Pomme: Have you found any research on if people can be allergic to fulvic & humic acid?

Georgia: No. We’re still learning a lot about it but it was used in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The mainstream is getting ahold of this right now and there is a lot of research being done on why it is so effective and if there are negative reactions as a result – they haven’t found anything. Another point to add is that there no levels of toxicity so they did a study were people were taking a huge daily dose for 3 months and they found that there was no toxicity and no heavy metals shown. The study concluded that you would basically drown from taking so much water before you would have any negative effects from fulvic & humic acid.

Pomme: What are the major effects on hair growth?

Georgia: It increases your body’s own ability to produce collagen. When your body is producing it naturally, it is so much better for you. It also helps create stronger keratin bonds in your hair which in turn lead to stronger hair overall.


Pomme: Where are you getting the fulvic and humic acid from? Is it Canadian sourced?

Georgia: Yes, it is Canadian sourced! Our manufacturer extracts it using a patented clean technology, without the use of chemicals. It is quality tested, organic and Canadian.

FLVC Acid is a local, Kelowna company and we’re so excited to have their products available at both our salons and in our online store!! We can’t wait for all of you to try it and let us know your results!! Xx

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Nicole Pidherny

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