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Meet Taylor Kolar from The Woman’s Place


Taylor Kolar is an absolute ray of sunshine. Her and her family took over TWP Fitness in December of 2016. They work together to execute their vision of providing all women with a community of support and inspiration to improve their quality of life through physical fitness and healthy living. Tay is known for making members feel so appreciated and has a positive attitude that is sure to turn anyone’s day around! Trust me, she may look cute but she just kicked my booty into gear leading a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. 


Q: Tell us about what you do! (Different types of classes you teach, etc)
A: My partners (Ashley, my sister, and my brother-in-law Brock) and I thankfully all have very different skill sets and strengths when it comes to business! I take care of our community involvement, social media and marketing, my sister completely runs our front of house team and does all things organizational, and Brocky takes care of all thing’s admin and finance. On a serious note, we are all mostly full time Janitors! 

In addition, we all teach several group fitness classes weekly! I have a love for all things high intensity and heavy strength. However, the one very passionate love of my life is Personal Training. I manage our PT Team here at TWP as well as train several (dozen) 1 on 1 clients, and am continually fascinated at how no 2 bodies are built or move the same.

Q: What has been one thing that owning a gym has taught you and your family?
A: Be humble! Being a small business owner is far from luxurious, an immense amount of work, and challenging in all the ways that you weren’t prepared for! However, if you have a clear vision, clear core values, and a team that aligns with those, the possibilities are truly infinite! 

Q: Is there another business in Kelowna that inspires you, perhaps a business that aligns with TWP?
A: Yes, several! Our community melts me daily!  However, amongst a very serious search in 2016/2017 for health practitioners that align with our core values as far as sustainable health, empowerment, community, and providing a safe space for women, we met Dr. Hennigar of Helix Integrative Health. We have grown and worked together for 2+ years educating and progressing the overall health of women in our community! 

Q: Do you set goals this time of year? If so, what’s the one thing you’re setting your sights on professionally? 
A: We are grateful to have “many hands” @ TWP! Which makes goal setting extremely collaborative! It’s such a special thing to have many different perspectives and ideas (some that you thought were excellent, and didn’t end up being so..) while sharing the same vision! Now, I will let some suspense live on as far as TWP’s 2020 goals for now, however, personally I can tell you that in 2020 I have some intensive goals as far as continuing to further my education (holy we have some SMART humans in this community) and sharing that knowledge with all of you! Stay tuned! 

Q: TWP always does such an incredible job of giving back, what can people do to help get involved in giving back, through your gym? 
A: Check out our social channels to see what local charity we are collecting donations, funds or raising awareness for! Or just pop in for a visit (we have an excellent coffee bar) and you’ll most likely walk right into a poster or donation bin! We work closely with COBSS, Mamas4mamas, Karis, CMHA, Foundry and several other small organizations year-round! Support your local community!

Q: As the workout queen, do you have any post-gym beauty hacks?
A: If you forget your dry shampoo at home (recommended by the lovely Pomme squad of course), always have a hat handy, and for the love of god take your makeup off before you work out!

Q: Do you have any favourite mantras or words of wisdom you live by that encourage your healthy lifestyle and mindfulness? 
A: Do I ever! “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” If each of us put the energy and work into our own self-love, self-care and life perspectives the world would be just a little bit lovelier than it already is. Remember, often you are the only one in your way! #sorrynotsorry

Daneka McFetridge

Daneka McFetridge


I am okanagan raised, in my mid twenties, enjoying life’s adventures. My work fulfills my love of working in a team, serving others, in a creative and challenging way. Both fitness (spin, bootcamp, barre, yoga), and getting into nature, fuel my soul. When I’m not creating, collaborating, or educating myself OR clients, you can find me hanging with my dog, cooking up a storm, exploring the world, participating in community events, or laughing with family and friends. Balance is my mantra, and I love trying new things ✌🏽