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Meet Kaylea from Base Coat Beauty


What is your business/what do you do? 
Base Coat Beauty is a full service beauty studio, we offer aesthetic services, education and products. 

What is one goal you have for your business in 2020? 
We just had our one year anniversary of being at our Bernard location, so we’re still building. I would love to see us grow our clientele and be Kelowna’s first choice when choosing where to go for their favourite aesthetic services.

Getting more involved in the community is a big focus for this year as well, we love Kelowna and the supportive community here. 

An image of Kaylea sitting at her front counter

Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
No, the thought of being a business owner always scared me. It felt like something so unattainable and way too much pressure. Now that I am, I absolutely love it! I mean, it is a lot of pressure and energy, you do make some personal scarifies. If you’re passionate about something and creative then anyone can do it and its totally worth it. Believing in yourself and staying true to your vision when things seem hard is the key. 

Your favourite thing about working in the beauty industry? 
The fact that it’s always evolving and changing, it’s amazing the new ideas that constantly come out. The beauty industry is also such a fun and inspiring industry to be in, constantly making others feel beautiful and proud is such an accomplishment. 

A fashion trend you are loving this fall/winter? 
Wide leg pants, if you’re a shorty like me they are so cute! 

If you could transplant your business anywhere in the world for 6 months where would you pop-up? 
Marbella, Spain 100%! 

Something green your business does for the planet!
Using cruelty free products. Sounds so minor but it’s an important step. Cruelty free products have less chemicals, normally have less packaging (go green!), saves animals and a lot of these companies use a percentage of money made from to donate to organizations around the globe. 

Any promos/events/things up and coming for Base Coat in the next few months?
Last year we did a clothing drive for our local homeless community. It was such a great turn out and the feedback from the shelters was so positive that I plan on running another drive this winter! So keep your eyes out on our social media for when we’re accepting donations!

An image of Kaylea and her dog
Daneka McFetridge

Daneka McFetridge


I am okanagan raised, in my mid twenties, enjoying life’s adventures. My work fulfills my love of working in a team, serving others, in a creative and challenging way. Both fitness (spin, bootcamp, barre, yoga), and getting into nature, fuel my soul. When I’m not creating, collaborating, or educating myself OR clients, you can find me hanging with my dog, cooking up a storm, exploring the world, participating in community events, or laughing with family and friends. Balance is my mantra, and I love trying new things ✌🏽