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Meet Chantal McFetridge


This month’s community feature is one that is very close to home! I chose to acknowledge and celebrate the one and only Chantal McFetridge. Yes, my sister, a loyal Pommeshell by default AND choice. This determined, dynamic , and humble powerhouse has always been a leader in her community. She’s an emergency doctor in the making and puts her all into everything she does. She’s cool, like Instagram-less cool, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to spotlight this special Kelowna-born Pomme supporter.

  1. You are okanagan raised, ontario educated, and now have settled into beautiful Vancouver. This, however, doesn’t stop you from visiting Kelowna frequently. Name 3 things Kelowna has that Vancouver does NOT. 
  • Those hot hot summer days spent entirely out on the lake, or on the deck visiting with friends or family in the warm evening air until late. The warmth reminds me of my childhood.
  • Giobean coffee. Still the only coffee shop I walk into and am called Bella, and leave with the most amazing Italian coffee in hand. Although I will admit, I do order their beans to Vancouver.
  • And of course my wonderful family my favourite thing about Kelowna, and why it will always be making trips home.

2. Name your greatest hair fail? 

  • Sometimes if I squeeze in a workout where it shouldn’t have been squeezed, instead of going to work with sweaty hair, I just wet the whole thing and put it back. I’ll let you imagine how that dries. Somehow wet and sweaty feels less unprofessional than just sweaty. Shhh don’t tell my patients.
  • I feel the need to have two. Worst hairstyle phase I had was most definitely the long slicked back pony tail with two equally long pieces left out right at the front. Why? I still don’t know.

3. What is your biggest challenge being an emergency resident doctor? 

  • Connecting with my patients on a human level and advocating for them in a fast moving emergency department and an overburdened system. People come to see me on their worst day. I find it challenging to balance the need to triage and see patient’s quickly in an overflowing emergency department while ensuring we are providing patients with the excellent medical care they deserve.

4. What’s the quickest you can shower and get ready? 

  • 5 minutes, running out the door coffee in hand

5. Despite your busy schedule, you have always maintained balance, how do you think you do this? 

  • I think balance starts with identifying what things are truly meaningful to you and then deliberately focusing your attention on these things. Decide what brings you value, what your pillars are, and aim your energy at maintaining these things in your life. Sometimes I think people confuse balance, with doing it all or saying yes to everything. Appreciating this distinction and realizing balance is something you have to work to maintain is key.

6. What is your biggest goal you are currently working towards? 

  • I want to be the team doc for the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team and I want to contribute to meaningful change in the Canadian Healthcare system through health policy.

7. Say you and I were on a hike and encountered a bear, write the ending to this story.

  • Well that would clearly depend on who’s holding the hairspray- I mean bear spray**
Daneka McFetridge

Daneka McFetridge


I am okanagan raised, in my mid twenties, enjoying life’s adventures. My work fulfills my love of working in a team, serving others, in a creative and challenging way. Both fitness (spin, bootcamp, barre, yoga), and getting into nature, fuel my soul. When I’m not creating, collaborating, or educating myself OR clients, you can find me hanging with my dog, cooking up a storm, exploring the world, participating in community events, or laughing with family and friends. Balance is my mantra, and I love trying new things ✌🏽