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Elements of Surprise

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Wind, Water, Sun or Earth, The Pomme Squad is sharing hair tips for maintaining hair health while living your BEST life in this beautiful summer weather. PLUS, we’ve added some general hair hacks for maintaining your hair health for boating in the Okanagan or for that next tropical vacation you have planned. Cabo anyone?

We’ve broken down the elements for protecting our Pommeshell hair:


We all love that feeling of ‘the wind in our hair’ but guess how damaging it is for our hair? Hint: VERY! Preventing your hair from free flowing in the wind during a boating adventure or taking your convertible out for a spin is important. Wind opens up our hair cuticle making it susceptible to damage, which can dry out ends and cause your hair colour to fade.

POMME HAIR HACK: Braid(s) are great for both wind AND water exposure. Styling your hair in a braid prevents tangles because it keeps it more contained. If you spray in Shu Uemura Wonder Worker before you braid, you will have beautiful, soft waves when you take them out!

Styling your hair in a braid prevents tangles because it keeps it more contained.


Before you jump in the water to cool down, work a brush or a comb through your hair PRIOR to swimming. Prep your hair with Kérastase Soleil Vitamin E leave-in cream which will keep your hair hydrated and protected from the sun. Did we mention this cream smells like summer?!!

Prior to swimming, rinsing your hair in freshwater (or saturating the hair with a spray bottle) before can be very beneficial for your hair. Our hair absorbs liquids like a sponge, this can avoid absorption of undesirable substances such as salt water, or chlorine.

After taking a dip in the lake, try to keep out all of the moisture. Allowing the water in your hair evaporate is undesirable for your cuticle health.

Pomme Styling Hack 1:  Load up on the leave-in sprays BEFORE swimming, this will allow the product in your hair to protect and condition your hair. Once you’re out of the water, it will give you smooth beachy waves.

Pomme Styling Hack 2: Twirl 1-2-inch sections of your hair with your Soleil and let it air dry! Remember to NOT touch your hair! You will create soft beach waves without heat and damage!

Prior to swimming, rinsing your hair in freshwater.


Are you wearing proper sun protection for your hair? HATS AND UV protectors are KEY. While sun is not AS damaging as wind, but will cause dryness, fading and YELLOWING to BLONDES (ICK). The Kérastase Soleil line was created to help protect our hair from that summer sun! The shampoo, conditioner, cream and spray are there to help you to achieve your desired style while protecting your colour from fading or yellowing this summer.

HATS AND UV protectors are KEY.


Cleansing shampoos and scalp PH balancers can be super helpful for balancing out scalp environments or hair that has been exposed to a change in environments or exposed to chlorine! DITCH THE HOT TOOLS, POMMESHELLS!! Heat and damage don’t help with frizz at all. Work your hair back to a hydrated state of health by working with your natural texture and air drying. Summertime is the perfect time to o do this! Cleansing off the chlorine, minerals, lake water and salt water is essential to keep a health living environment on your hair. Cleansing Oil Shampoo from Shu Uemura will softly cleanse off the build-up on your scalp and hair without stripping your colour or the natural oils that we need!

Cleansing Oil Shampoo from Shu Uemura will softly cleanse off the build-up on your scalp and hair without stripping your colour or the natural oils that we need!


Frizz is our arch nemesis! Prevention starts from WITHIN!! We need to have a healthy INTERNAL cuticle in order to be able to prevent EXTERNAL frizz. Treating the hair from the INSIDE out within-salon Kérastase Fusio treatments will help to prevent frizz, and control existing breakage on your head.

Pomme’s Hot Tip for Smooth Hair: Our favourite products are LISS control, L’Oreal Pro Siren Waves, Wonder Worker (helps to balance porosity), Kérastase Fluidissime. These are amazing leave-in products to help control external frizz.

Frizz is our arch nemesis! Prevention starts from WITHIN!!


Kérastase FUSIO-dose hydration and shine treatments. Custom IN-SALON products are created to work from the inside to the outside of your hair. These miracle treatments combat your top TWO needs in ONE TREATMENT!

Daneka McFetridge

Daneka McFetridge


I am okanagan raised, in my mid twenties, enjoying life’s adventures. My work fulfills my love of working in a team, serving others, in a creative and challenging way. Both fitness (spin, bootcamp, barre, yoga), and getting into nature, fuel my soul. When I’m not creating, collaborating, or educating myself OR clients, you can find me hanging with my dog, cooking up a storm, exploring the world, participating in community events, or laughing with family and friends. Balance is my mantra, and I love trying new things ✌🏽

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