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Celebrating the PommeSquad!


Every year, on March 8th people around the world celebrate International Women’s day! 

A quick backstory on the day; Clara Zetkin proposed March 8th be a day to celebrate women working and it has been International Women’s Day ever since! 

I founded Pomme Salon on February 28th 2015 and I haven’t looked back since! With the support of my family, friends and four stylists who trusted me with my vision; I had the courage to take the leap and open the doors to Pomme! Since then we have grown into two locations, and an online platform including; A blog, An e-commerce online shopping experience, You Tube, Instagram and more! 

Since 2015 the team has grown, gained and and even lost team members, but each and every woman who is part of Pomme 2020 has supported, cheered and stood behind our core values; Supporting one another, Team work, and providing our guests with an excellent experience in a warm welcoming environment. 

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! Let’s celebrate the lovely ladies of the SQUAD!! 

The squad overall is the most amazing supportive group AND  they know how to party, they know how to twerk and they know how to work hard for what they want. I am so proud of us 

Melanie –  Her talent, her unwavering support (for 10+ YEARS), her commitment to motherhood and her bad-assery. 

Brooklyn – Her support to the brand, her kind soul, her passion for the earth and animals, her drive! 

Daneka – Her kind heart, her good energy, her faith in humanity, dedication to her craft and support of  Pomme! 

Meagan –  Her sense of humour (and ps she can take it AND dish it), her dedication to her goals, her values, and support to Pomme! 

Jennifer –  Her attention to detail, her support of the brand, her one liner expressions, and her perfect hair 

Kaleigh –  her curiosity  for world, her love of knowledge and science, and  her support of Pomme  

Courtney  – her dedication to her position, her openness to learn and grow, her support of Pomme, and her unreal makeup skills

Shay  – Her carpenter skills, her insane organization skills, her dedication to pomme, her putting up with my ‘tasks’ 

Ashley  – her openness to change, her never ending ideas, her support of Pomme, her mentorship to the juniors 

Rylea  – her willingness to learn, her dedication to Pomme, her style, her dedication to her goals. 

Nico –   her openness to trusting the process, her passion, her dedication to becoming a stylist 

Mariah –  her natural talent, her kind heart, her positive energy, her openness to learn 

Tasha – Her resilience, her bubbly personality, her support to Pomme, and her kind heart 

Jill  – for trusting me, her dedication to pomme, her talent, and her openness to learning

Anita – for her determination, her knowledge and for not giving up on Pomme

Nicole Pidherny

Nicole Pidherny

Master Stylist & Founder

Nicole Pidherny, the owner of Pomme Salon, wanted to create not only a hair salon, but also a beauty hub for clients and residents in the city.